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Push the button

Automakers to gearheads: Stop repairing cars – are modern cars so complex that ToS will ultimately forbid you to attempt to mend or alter them? In the old days, the urban myth was that Rolls-Royces were so fantastically well-engineered that … Continue reading

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High, over and underground

London Reconnections is a site about the capital’s transport infrastructure, the challenges and complexities of updating and expanding it. Hugely comprehensive, with a very active comments section. Recent posts include the conclusion of a five-part series of London in 2050, … Continue reading

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Today there was a tragedy, Underneath the bridge

‘Design culture is really nothing more than a highly complex, super-developed system of driven-by-object fetishism‘ / musings on the passing of Loaded. A great counterpoint: the rise of Buzzfeed and a lament for the ‘flush’ world of pre-internet journalism (in … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Gods

Waiting for the Gods is an ‘experimental docufiction’ created by Natalie Welsh and Alessandro Bertelle, and produced by Fabrica. Following on from our recent post touching on Erich von Däniken’s Jungfrau Park, Welsh and Jeffries’ film takes a tour of … Continue reading

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‘Try rolling your feet over an empty coke bottle’

How the London Playboy Club bankrolled Hef’s empire. Barbara Penner in the Architectural Review on how developer-led modernism (including some ephemeral input from Walter Gropius, most likely in name only) created one of the group’s most profitable and high profile … Continue reading

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Vote for us

Election Aesthetics ‘follows UK General Elections from a visual culture, aesthetic and design perspective’. Posts include this musing on Polling Station design / Driving in the 1980s, a gallery of pictures by Chris Dorley-Brown taken in 1987. Reminiscent in tone … Continue reading

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A hole in the head

The BMW Observer Coupe, a collaboration between BMW UK and The Observer Magazine, chronicled in this classic period film. In 1967, the Daily Telegraph Magazine had collaborated with Jaguar and Bertone to create the incredible Pirana, a rebodied E-Type / … Continue reading

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Keeping the streets clean

It’s been too long since we looked at the mighty BLDGBLG: It Came From Below is a look at the literal underbelly of Los Angeles, and the tar sands that occasionally leech and bubble up through sidewalks and pipework / … Continue reading

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