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The truth is out there

In the dawn of Time they came from space to become… We have a new collection: UFO books. Lovingly assembled, now long dispersed, here is a small snapshot of the 70s and 80s publishing phenomenon, fuelled by television shows like … Continue reading

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Stratified sampling

On the way down to visit the newly installed Radic Pavilion in Somerset, we passed the aftermath of the morning’s revelry at Stonehenge. The solar eclipse had lured a convoy of sun-worshippers, neo-pagans, tourists and members of the Wiltshire constabulary, … Continue reading

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File under ‘don’t know’

First Man on the Moon, a vinyl record / please sign a petition to protect Michael Heizer’s City / the architecture of imitation. The Secret Service Wants to Build a Fake White House for training purposes. Shades of Imber in … Continue reading

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I’d like to trip you up

The TripAdvisor Effect, a prism through which the world’s hospitality industry can only be distorted, or how an ‘aggregate of rational, emotionally distant information [can be] overwhelmed by a much more narratively powerful, personally relevant source.’ Related, a collection of … Continue reading

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The fleeting moment

‘Scientifically mapped’, the perfect American road trip / Greenwich, London before the recent building boom / Philadelphia’s Boyd Theatre, a 1928 Art Deco movie palace, currently being reduced to rubble / the Acid Machine. Fun for fiddling / Lost in … Continue reading

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Other things for Friday: ‘One of the most absorbing and alluring games that has ever captured society. Boredom is a thing of the past in Belgravia since the art of puzzling’: a history of the jigsaw, along with zag-zaws, crazy-cuts … Continue reading

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Highs and lows

Join the dots. Tower Block: ‘Documenting and disseminating information about the postwar mass housing drive‘ is a project by Miles Glendinning, also the co-author of the magesterial (and now extremely rare and expensive) survey, Tower Block: Modern Public Housing in … Continue reading

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Big city, bright lights

248 perfect trades. How $1000 could have sent the world’s economy into a spin (via Kottke) / Kim Laughton creates visions of Grand Theft Auto without textures (via RPS) / staying with graphics: Seascape, a browser based realtime wave simulator. … Continue reading

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The Exbury Egg

The Exbury Egg is a private retreat/artist’s studio, designed by architects PAD Studio in collaboration with the artist Stephen Turner. Turner spent a year living in the Egg, moored on the Beaulieu River. His thoughts and works were collected in … Continue reading

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