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Throwing shapes

A collection of more Wes Anderson Analysis than you could ever possibly need, courtesy of film blog Every Frame a Painting / Piccadilly Circus, an illustration by Renzo Picasso from 1929. There’s a larger archive of Picasso’s work here. The … Continue reading

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Everybody here wanted something more

A proper Barbapapa House (via Wowhaus). The French did this bubble architecture more efficiently and copiously than almost anyone else – Pierre Cardin’s classic ‘Bubble House‘ being a case in point / there is an Irish ferry based on Ulysses … Continue reading

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The view from here

A clutch of architectural links. Impington Village College in Campbridgeshire was created by Walter Gropius with Maxwell Fry, following the former’s exit from the Bauhaus and Germany and before he went on to ‘stardom’ in the US. It remains a … Continue reading

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Learning to relax

incredibly detailed drawings by Jonathan Delafield Cook / interior prospects painted by Pierre Bergian / Why I have resigned from the Telegraph / Core77 gets a re-vamp / NY Through the Lens, a weblog / Remembering Dresden: 70 Years After … Continue reading

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Four wheeled futurology

Joining the dots. Since Marc Newson moved to Apple he has presumably had some input into the upcoming Apple Watch. Yet even more intriguing is the idea that he’s also involved in the rumoured Apple Car. After all, Newson’s Ford … Continue reading

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Own a small piece of the moon

Moonfire: The epic journey of Apollo 11 is an enhanced pictorial edit of Norman Mailer’s Time reportage on the moon programme. It seems that Mailer didn’t really enjoy the whole experience, feeling that it lacked a certain magic; he certainly … Continue reading

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Things for Wednesday

A beautifully curated collection of vintage art and design at Design is Fine / the lost churches of Peckham / the architecture of Ralph Maynard Smith, purveyor of inter-war Deco elegance / Dark Shadows: How New Skyscrapers are forever changing … Continue reading

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Cutting out the bits

Everyone’s a Critic, paintings by David Lyle / Our Incredible Journey, happy announcements of mergers, acquisitions and imminent shut-downs / designing database, a tumblr / paintings by Chelsea Bentley / Lossless, lossless, lossless, raging against Pono / move music around … Continue reading

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A cross country

Hac is a game about a road trip, set in the blank realm of late to post-Communist Eastern Europe in the 1990s. You drive a muddy Trabant / keep your voice down when talking in front of your TV, Samsung … Continue reading

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Cracks in the mantle

A Map of the square and stationary earth, ‘four hundred passages in the Bible that condemn the Globe Theory, or the Flying Earth, and none sustain it ; this map is the Bible map of the world’ (1893), via Why … Continue reading

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As above

Ordinary Streets, exploring the independent retail culture of South London (via the Guardian) / when plagiarism isn’t plagiarism: the iceberg that was photographed twice / Co-Zine, a website / we smell sausage: the instrument collection of Mark Mothersbaugh / a … Continue reading

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Looty the Peke

Dog breeding, torture, revenge, destruction and Jackie Chan: the destruction of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing, and how a country’s cultural heritage was scattered to collections, officers’ messes and country houses.

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