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Ever decreasing circles

Steve Wetherill writes about old computers and other things / Something Concrete and Modern is exactly that / Day Job Studio is home to artists including Grace Helmer, Daniel Clarke, Victoria Willmott, Charlene Man, Aaron Ziggy, Charlotte Mei, Joshua Checkley, … Continue reading

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Wowed and fluttering

Buoyed by the electro remake of the Twin Peaks soundtrack album, we present a small selection of of retro synth specialists: Full Eclipse / Rat Rios / The Deathless / Galaxy Knife / Robert Parker / Peturbator /

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Roll of the dice

Another bunch of very different things / the illustration of John Vernon Lord, example above / a walk around England’s Lost Theme Parks / The Old Kent Road, as re-made in the 60s and looking shiny, new and optimistic / … Continue reading

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In tribute

A collection of London clocks / Twin Peaks re-made in retro electro. Reminiscent of Lazerhawk / cryptozoological soup spoon: a ladle shaped like Nessie / Robert Overweg / pictures from an Old Book, an illustration weblog.

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Contoured profile domed

Peel, Pucker, Pinch, or Puncture? Coffee Lids, Explored is a piece on the patented coffee lid collection assembled by architects Specht Harpman, a companion to an article in Cabinet a few years ago. These little disks of plastic are massively … Continue reading

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Open decay

A random selection of things / a grid of games at asahi-net / Figments, if the late FAT had designed a computer game / twizzling tiny knobs, Korg Volca Beats and Bass gets Mangled by Elektron Octatrack / the concrete … Continue reading

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Platforms in the air

Friday randomness / The Fall and Rise of Adam, the restoration of Tullio’s sculpture, ‘destroyed’ by a collapsed plinth in 2002 / London 2026 A.D. – this is all in the air, a view from 1926 / two sites we … Continue reading

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Broken down, built up, re-laid and re-booted

A giant railway track laying machine. See also this much longer video on the Plasser & Theurer SVM1000 Infranord in action in Sweden. The Austrian company has a page of videos of its insanely specialised machines at work / paintings … Continue reading

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Conspicuous Consuming

The Learned Pig, an online magazine which pointed us towards A Field Guide to East London Wildlife, available through the Hoxton Mini Press / a collection of erotic bookplates / ambient electronica by IVO / ‘28,000 artists compete for a … Continue reading

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All at sea

Contemporary fan art, sculpture and more at Streets of Beige / art by Jakub Rozalski / Aircraft Crash Tests Composite Data Film / above, South China Sea, a single take at 4K by photographer Toby Smith / This Charming Charlie, … Continue reading

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London’s brilliant when it’s raining

Wainwright is one of the better UK architecture journalists when it comes to lifting the lid on the legislation and underhand deals that are pushing through the current crop of massive developments. This piece from last Autumn, The truth about … Continue reading

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Castles and pools

Any amusement park can be made eerie and other-wordly when it’s photographed out of season, by Stefano Cerio’s series ‘Chinese Fun‘ seems to go further than most, eschewing the ruin porn aesthetic in favour of sites that are either teetering … Continue reading

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A Day over the UK, a visualisation produced by the National Air Traffic Services / Magicians of Miniature (via MeFi) looks at aviation from another angle, the design and construction of intensely detailed miniatures from the early days of cinematic … Continue reading

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Pattern language

A Practical Introduction to Muqarnas, Eric Broug on the complex 3D geometry of this quinessential feature of traditional Islamic architecture.

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“E pulvere lux et vis”

From a review of Dirty Old London: The Victorian Fight Against Filth, a new book by Lee Jackson: ‘So appalled was Lady Harberton at the filth that she itemised the ejecta recovered from the train of a woman’s dress after … Continue reading

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