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Behind the scenes at Christmas

Xmas Unwrapped, a short extract from a new film by photographer Toby Smith and the Unknown Fields Division.

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“Sing, Moon, In A Swing”

The kind of depressing analysis cited when people wish to make the point that the world is getting coarser: most decade-specific words in Billboard popular song titles, 1890-2014. At least there’s no chance of Larry David Grindcore making it onto … Continue reading

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It’ll all blow over

WindyTy offers an instantly understandable image of the world’s weather systems, swirling around the edges of continents (via Engadget) / also intriguing, the world of the London Sound Survey and the lost world of British Tape Recording Clubs. See below.

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A plan that comes together

A random selection of things / Fabricio Mora has an eye for good architecture / climb Engels’ beard / simulating bias, the Parable of the Polygons (via Kottke) / projects by Tom Greenall / why America’s ‘worst’ college could be … Continue reading

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Stay the course

This and that. Wanderers, a bit more of that Interstellar thing going on / images of contemporary London and elsewhere by SE16David / Wright, a drawing series by Jemma Appleby / vote in the BMW i Urban Sustainability Award / … Continue reading

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“It only takes 25 years for flotsam to go around the world”

Triton is an SDK for developing realistic 3D ocean models / sort of related, a modern mystery: the story of the Tjipetir blocks, released from the sea after a sinking in 1917. An excuse to dive into the history of … Continue reading

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