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Never worlds

Ronen Bekerman runs an architectural visualization blog / a collection of Awful Library Books / sort of related, Now That’s What Your Parents Call Drone, a compilation / the London Screen Archive, the capital on film / local blogging from … Continue reading

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If you go into the woods today

Grimm City is a project by FleaFollyArchitects, a homage to the worlds created by The Brothers Grimm in the form of ‘an architectonic cityscape… a giant piece of furniture … meticulously hand-crafted from only the finest Black Forest timbers.’

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Generative boxes

The Buddha Machine is a small music player that comes pre-loaded with a selection of composed loops that can be combined or listened to in isolation or even used in your own compositions. A new version has just been released … Continue reading

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A collection of (mostly) creative things

Gilded and curved, the new Field Notes edition / Tumblr round-up: Grey Frequency, an ‘ambient music project’ / polychromatic images at Glorified Normal Stuff / incredible animations at Paper Orchard / portfolios and more at Lemon Zest / architectural constructions … Continue reading

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Future visions, grand and small

Apodemy, a short film by Katerina Athanaspoulou / The case of the missing chimneys: Lots Road Power Station at The Library Time Machine, an excellent local studies weblog. The power station is soon to become part of Chelsea Waterfront / … Continue reading

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Corridors of power, working in ruins

Things that have been lost or ignored: Forgetify. Work your way through the millions of unplayed Spotify tracks / Kickended. Bask in the schadenfreude of the Kickstarter projects that never got off the ground / Petit Tube, which purports to … Continue reading

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Walls and wails

Catching up with the mp3 bloggers, tmn’s third return to the music blogging scene, taking in the changes wrought by the advent of streaming, the end of personal discovery and the general changes in the musical landscape in the past … Continue reading

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Doom, gloom and UV views

Norway’s new passport design by Olso studio Neue features the Northern Lights printed in UV sensitive ink / Brighton’s Drill Festival has been organised by Wire / Beneath the Crimson Moon (via RPS), a game inspired by Edgar Allen Poe … Continue reading

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Runways and hideaways

Total mish-mash today. Some moody, scale-deficient views of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko / a list of people who disappeared mysteriously / decide on the future of the Elephant and Castle / behind the scenes building a Pink Floyd Album Cover / open … Continue reading

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Deep Impact

Deep Impact: Martian, Lunar and Other Rare Meteorites, a forthcoming sale at Christie’s. Own a litte bit of somewhere else: The formal name for this meteorite is NWA 5000 and it refers to the single, roughly cubic-shaped lunar meteorite weighing … Continue reading

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They say we did it

Music things. Terminal Cheesecake in rehearsal, at The Wire / revisit the Internet Underground Music Archive (via) / music: The Mostar Diving Club; Whistlejacket; Gum Takes Tooth / from shoegaze to recreated Porsches: the story of Singer Automotive / A … Continue reading

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Safe as houses

In the four years since the first Zombie Safe House competition back in 2010, the world has been in the throes of a zombie revival; countless games, TV shows, films and other cultural artefacts have conjured up a world where … Continue reading

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Up in the air

Drawing the ISS from memory, an exercise that reveals preconceptions, misconceptions and most of all our imaginative musings about what a space station should look for, shaped by images from ‘science fiction, speculative futurism, and alternate or parallel histories.’ The … Continue reading

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In the city

Cities and their functions, failings and quirks.Dan Hill on the perils and impracticalities of the predictive city, data mined into homogenity / an ultra compact Parisian apartment / London Reconnections assembles information about the capital’s transport systems, past, present and … Continue reading

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Ooooh. Eeeep.

The Art of Smallfilms from Four Corners Books looks at the of Oliver Postgate (who died in 2008) and Peter Firmin (still producing beautiful prints). There’s a preview of the book at Creative Review or you can visit The Smallfilms … Continue reading

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Looking back with everyone else

Old school memories today. Another volume of the great Bedroom Cassette Masters series has just been released / a huge tranche of pixel-perfect original arcade emulations is now live over at The Internet Arcade (via MeFi, from whence this instructional … Continue reading

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