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From up here

A random selection of things / The Evolution of Headphones / IKEA makes its catalogues with 3D rendering software (also discussed at Metafilter) / from 2009, IKEA ditches Futura for Verdana / Dassault Systemes recently modelled the construction of Mulberry … Continue reading

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The Thing, block edition

In its infinite wisdom, Lego has now provided budding stop-motion cinematographers the tools to recreate John Carpenter’s The Thing in its entirety. The sets in question are the new ‘Arctic’range: Snowmobile, Ice Crawler, Helicrane, Outpost, the all-important Base Camp and … Continue reading

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Circle sky

Hilary Hayton was formerly art director of BBC’s Children’s Programmes and is hence party responsible for shaping the aesthetic that accompanied the first TV-literate generation as they grew up. She was also the creator of Crystal Tipps and Alastair and … Continue reading

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Block party

A House for Essex is the dying gasp of Fashion Architecture Taste, in close collaboration with Grayson Perry. The result is an inhabitable piece of folk art, Barbara Jones via Lego Friends / sort of related, 10 Elaborate Floor Plans … Continue reading

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I’m standing all by myself,

Ringo or Robin Ltd was a furniture company set up by Ringo Starr in 1969, alongside the designer Robin Cruikshank. Ringo’s foray into the heady world of 70s interior design was once little chronicled, with information found via such august … Continue reading

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Looking back

The skewed economics of supercars. ‘Rumour has it that less than 50 individuals have ever owned a Veyron‘. Above image from the recently updated wing mirror project.

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On the road

The 1939 Lindbergh Travel Trailer, ‘designed in San Carlos, California, by an engineer of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. This trailer was custom-built for famous aviator Charles Lindbergh, hence its name. Skinned in aluminum to reduce weight and enhance appearance, … Continue reading

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There’s a light in the sky

Ryoji Ikeda: spectra(2014) is a remarkable commission from Artangel. The light installation only lasts another 24 hours – go and see ithe source if you can. The organisation has commissioned seven photographers to capture the work, but there are some … Continue reading

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Then and now, revisited

Other things. ArcTangent is a West Country music festival specialising in math and post-rock / recollection of lost smells / music: Charles The Osprey / the origins of Purple Rain / a list of fictional brands / yet more then … Continue reading

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Blocks and drills

The recent partnership between Lego and Shell is causing ructions. However, Lego has had a partnership with Shell that goes back over 30 years before being replaced by the fictional Octan brand for sets like the Gas’n’Wash Express. The very … Continue reading

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8-bit flyovers

Myrone created the soundtrack to forthcoming retro racer Drift Stage, channeling the work and moody presets of Vangelis, Harold Faltermeyer, Giorgio Moroder and Jan Hammer. Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun. See also the work of Kavinsky and the whole genre known … Continue reading

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Digs and links

My Parents Open Carry / Boom! / Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil / How Different Groups Spend Their Day / Moving pictures in Brighton & Hove, Southwick and Shoreham / We live in the dark, a tumblr … Continue reading

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