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Streets in the sky

Britain’s best Carchitecture, off the back of the Carscapes exhibition. See also Carscapes: The Motor Car, Architecture, and Landscape in England, Carchitecture and the world of Motopia / LincVolt, electrifying classics. See also Zombie 222 / Formula 1 Pit Stops … Continue reading

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I’ve been doing fjords all my life

Straight out of the Magrathea Christmas catalogue: ‘Norway has one of the top five most incredible terrains in the known universe. Now you can create your own 3D-printed genuine gypsum heirloom mantelpiece display replica of your favorite part of this … Continue reading

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Informed Taste

Martin Parr’s 1991 project ‘Signs of the Times‘ is shortly going on show at the Beetles and Huxley Gallery in London. The photographic essay, published as a book in 1992, was a caustic look at the English obsession with taste … Continue reading

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Standing stones

We can only assume these old photographs taken by the Colonial Office and held at The National Archives are of the Bako National Park in Borneo. The rock formations shown in these undated images must surely have been lost to … Continue reading

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Mapping it out

Artist Richard Kolker works with digital sources for many of his projects, re-rendering places and scenes to create a different perspective on the familiar. His Streetview series tracks down iconic photographic and artistic locations and ‘snaps’ them using Google Streetview … Continue reading

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How many people actually claim to be cyborgs? The answer is surprisingly few. A decade ago, the web was much entertained by the activities of Kevin Warwick, instigator of Project Cyborg and obsessed with the interface between consciousness and data … Continue reading

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Not a patch on this

Denim animation, a video for Throne, created by Nicos Livesey (and others), linked via Dezeen.

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On the level

Random selection for the weekend. The Effects Database. Related, an online book (with sound samples) about 100 Boss pedals / the Golden Age of Audio / Venice backstage, interesting look at how the city functions in terms of services, erosion, … Continue reading

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Unimaginary islands

La Maddalena is the story of architecture intersecting with politics and corruption and coming off worst. “The former Arsenal, partly planned by Stefano Boeri on the island of La Maddalena for the G8 in 2009, is one of the darkest … Continue reading

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There she blew

One of the aims of the explorers was to discover islands with fur-bearing seals, and these were found, inter alia in South Georgia, which had been re-discovered by Cook in 1755. Here, in 1902, were found two large cauldrons for … Continue reading

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High and dry

Travel costs from central London. The darker the red, the pricier the (train) journey. A project by Chris Heathcote / happy to find a copy of this gem the other day; Seventies light entertainment given the Meades treatment / recommended … Continue reading

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Work and turn

A colossal jumble of things today. Animated architecture, a series of entertaining gifs that reveal possibilities that quite probably already existed in the architects’ own minds / a post about Project U.F.O / A Long Time Ago in a China … Continue reading

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