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Looking down, all is ruins

Battersea’s Marco Polo House is practically down to its last pediment. It was a jaunty survivor of the golden age of London’s Po-Mo phase and sat alongside Battersea Park in what was then a wasteland of empty sites and abandoned … Continue reading

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Technological What-ifs and sky-high dreams

Many of the great British designers and inventors of the modern era have a nostalgic glint in their eye for boyhood dreams that never quite came to fruition. Norman Foster is probably the leader of this group of overgrown schoolboys: … Continue reading

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‘An upper cut to winter’s chin’

Google Glassholes: High-Tech Visionaries or Fashion Victims? See also, Why I’m sending back Google Glass (via MeFi) / the architecture of doom, a tumblr / recommended music by cicadaverse / is the RIBA’s new, impossibly glossy, portal / from … Continue reading

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Hissing of summer lawns

The Truth About Gentrification, a Guardian special report / see also Ghost Estates, a photography project about life after the Irish bubble burst by photographer Valerie Anex / see also Collective Retrofit, transforming high-end suburbs into livable spaces for more … Continue reading

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Recognition Models: battleships edition

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Watching us, watching you

Every CCTV camera between my house and Dalston Junction, a project by James Bridle / Xplanes held a challenge to find the photograph with the most planes in flight. Good links in the comments / Victorian London snapshots, works well … Continue reading

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From above and to the side

Impressive large scale photography by Massimo Listri / You & Me, the new world of polychromatic 3D printing by Adam Nathaniel Furman / Forces, an exhibition by Daniel & Geo Fuchs. More / Buzzfeed brings together a nice gallery of … Continue reading

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Come on up the stairs

Some context would be nice / see also Most Common Errors, by Christo and Jeanne-Claude / Passes, a photography series by Claudio Bader / Manipulated buildings by Philipp Schaerer / countless cutaways at the excellent Invisible Themepark / Disney and … Continue reading

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Never a cross word

The Guardian’s Crossword Blog is a regular source of the unusual and extraordinary. This week there’s a look back at the strange case of the D-Day Crossword Clues, the still unsolved story of amateur footballer, schoolteacher and crossword compiler Leonard … Continue reading

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All roads lead

The London Evolution Animation (via MeFi – from the comments, Wonderful London in 1924 and 2014, by Simon Smith)) / related, The Mapping London Blog / Six months, 73,000 locations, ‘the aim is to collect at least one photograph from … Continue reading

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Buzz bombs

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Elstree 1976

Elstree 1976 is a new documentary by Jon Spira: ‘In 1976, during the hottest summer on record, Star Wars was shot in suburban North London. Nobody involved had any idea how big the film would become, many couldn’t even remember … Continue reading

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Buzz your way to fame and fortune

Is Twitter dying? Probably not (in the great tradition of the redundant journalist question mark), but it does continue to serve as a giant petri dish for the blossoming mould spores of human behaviour, as evidenced by this animation of … Continue reading

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