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Looking back

Totally random end of year round-up, hopefully one of several / a tumblr devoted to Special Collections and Archives at the University of Iowa (via MeFi, which links many, many more library tumblrs). See also the expansive Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum … Continue reading

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Going nowhere, slowly

The Blog is Dead, Long Live the Blog, a (deliberately) provocative piece from Kottke, who knows a thing or two about online longevity. It’s hard to disagree with the basic premise that ‘Blogs are for 40-somethings with kids’ when one … Continue reading

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Random links

Almost Lost: London’s Buildings Loved and Loathed, a new exhibition from English Heritage (BBC report). See also Lost London 1870-1945 / ‘A Very Rare Book: The mystery surrounding a copy of Galileo’s pivotal treatise / the tumblr year in review, … Continue reading

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The Ghosts of Old London, archive imagery at Spitalfields Life. See also London fog / An incredible year in the life of the Royal Albert Hall / Doctors play the James Bond drinking game. See also Creativity and Alcohol (via … Continue reading

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Cycles in space

SSTL – Surrey Satellite Technology – is what one might describe as a ’boutique’ satellite builder, specialising in compact, low-cost multi-application satellites that can do everything from communications to scientific observation. SSTL launched the STRaND-1, a ‘satellite smartphone’, earlier this … Continue reading

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The age of the train

Any historical discussion of British railways has to include the Beeching Report, ‘The Reshaping of British Railways’, now excoriated as ‘one of the most notorious government reports of the 20th century… The report often adopted an overly-simplistic analysis of the … Continue reading

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Drones and gnomes

Behind the Facade, Witold Rybczynski on Poundbury (via Providence Journal): ‘[T]here is a lot more to Poundbury than meets the modernist critic’s jaundiced eye. The place is neither anachronistic, nor utopian, nor elitist. Nor is it a middle-class ghetto. In … Continue reading

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‘The Mexican immigrant worker in New York is a perfect example of the hero who has gone unnoticed… The Mexican economy has quietly become dependent on the money sent from workers in the US.’ From Superheroes, a photographic series by … Continue reading

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Firing blanks

Other things. The subconscious overtones in The Tiger Who Came to Tea /old comics scrutinised and fetishized for their print quality at 4CP (Four colour process) / made on the Isle of Wight, the Enfield 8000 Thunderbolt, a forgotten electric … Continue reading

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