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Art car bonanza

Found and admired posts from around: Portraits from the window seat: the pensive expressions of John SchabelÕs Passengers (at Overhead Compartment) / Design Decoded: The Daring Escape From the Eastern State Penitentiary (at Life without Buildings) / beautiful architectural illustration … Continue reading

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The burden of proof

Historical Remedies make homeopathic ‘First Aids for Active Lifestyles & Modern Stress’, including things called Stress Mints, Moon Drops (a sleep aid), and the rather more self-explanatory Calm Drops and PickUp Drops. Yet somehow HR has found itself with a … Continue reading

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Taken away

Ladies and Gentlemen, a richly atmospheric music and video performance / a time-lapse of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta / car crash studies, a series by Nicolai Howalt / speaking of car crashes, an interview with Sergei Polonsky. And the TripAdvisor … Continue reading

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Backhanders and bunkers

The Sochi Project: ‘Sochi is the Florida of Russia, but cheaper. It is famous for its subtropical vegetation, hotels and sanatoria. People from all over the Soviet Union associate the coastal city with beach holidays and first loves. The smell … Continue reading

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Marching into the mist

A treasure trove of original Airstream information, specification and advertising (see also Tom Bentley’s Airstream story from many moons ago) / Cold War Troglodytism: ‘Henderson originally built a tunnel connecting to the building next door where he worked, but that … Continue reading

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Heaven scents

The Appendix is a ‘new journal of narrative and experimental history’. Highly recommended / the 2013 Microphotography Competition / new cyborgism at Archimedes PrOn, a tumblr / the Lost Media Wiki / re-live the 90s with these Select Magazine Scans … Continue reading

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