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There’s something moving over there to the right

The Z. Taylor Vinson Collection of transportation materials / Round Houses, a site devoted to a singular pursuit / related, Why our brains love curvy architecture / The Modernist redesigns / Very Visible Cities, speculative urban futures in London, New … Continue reading

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Glass dreams

Will the Chinese really rebuild the Crystal Palace? Probably not, especially as no architect is yet attached to the project, although the renderings show a modernised version of the original design (although admittedly the re-built structure was substantially different from … Continue reading

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Little Blue Books

This superb ephemera collection from Kindra Murphy pointed us towards the publishing phenomenon that is the Little Blue Books. More information about these eclectic volumes can be found at the extensive site dedicated to the books and publisher, Emanuel Haldeman-Julius: … Continue reading

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Why is the number 1,729 hidden in Futurama episodes? / What are These Giant Concrete Arrows Across the American Landscape? / the above image is from this stunning collection of Czech Matchbox labels / Maurice Evans is a fireworks collector, … Continue reading

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Keeping the flame

The Mir and Buran space programs, two flickr sets / Matchboxes from the Subcontinent, a collection gathered in Bangalore by Matt Lee / related, Flame / on manipulation in architectural photography, including Julius Shulman’s notorious ‘portable garden‘, the means by … Continue reading

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The Modern House

Design in Film: The Modern House. Houses old, new and entirely imagined from the cinema / The Organ, one of the oldest ongoing music ‘zines in the UK / Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951: ‘An Act to repeal the Witchcraft Act … Continue reading

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Destroyer of worlds

Old but gold, the Endor Holocaust: ‘Objects larger than a few meters will impact upon the surface. Pieces which are the size of starships will land with explosions comparable to thermonuclear detonations. Pieces which are several kilometres wide will flatten … Continue reading

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Down town

Photographs of old Bucharest, with the looming Palace of the Parliament emerging out of the old city, obliterating all that had gone before it / Reasons why London is the worst place ever. See also, crap London / Richard Meier … Continue reading

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Space and office sounds

The Sagrada Familia in 2026, an official animation showing the next stages of construction / sort of related, No, you will never have skyscrapers with trees on them / An Insider’s View Of 19th-Century Paris (Even The Urinals) / a … Continue reading

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