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Utterly random

Architectural visualisations edge ever-closer to perfection, using ‘imperfections’ to fool the eye. From our perspective, the role of the render as a promotional tool is seemingly outweighed by the eerily perfect world being built in virtual space, and the inevitable … Continue reading

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Another fine mess

The late Elmore Leonard’s great opening lines / the fonts of Kem Weber and Disney’s deco obsession / Exploring Los Angeles’ forgotten stairways to the stars, a journey up the concrete steps of LA: ‘Our second staircase was thankfully unobstructed. … Continue reading

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Rooftops and fields

End of the Public: ‘It is a jumble sale of bits and pieces, a graveyard of interactive technologies with no apparent purpose. It makes the Millennium Dome look like a triumph of curatorial coherence.’ / Ken Adam on Kubrick: “Most … Continue reading

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Posts and tunnels

Not Another Bill is a way of turning the mail into a place of potential delight: ‘Subscribe for yourself or treat someone special to receive a collection of wonders each month, the product of collaborations between Not Another Bill and … Continue reading

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How to tell good people from bad people / Thomas the Tank Engine and ‘story gravity’ / Great Album of the Week, a music tumblr / Archery, art, geometry and gifs / the Sugar Series by Emily Blincoe: colourful consumption … Continue reading

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Worst case scenario: thinking the unthinkable

It is already the practice of the encyclopedia to create a database dump, a record of the data from the Wikipedia database, on a regular basis. This data is compressed using the highly efficient Honda-Beech data compression method, which compresses … Continue reading

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Is Ove Arup included?

Lego goes for the burn with the new Architecture Studio set (number 21050), containing ‘1210 bricks and a 272-page guidebook endorsed by leading architects’. All the bricks are white, so presumably New York Five-style modernism is the order of the … Continue reading

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Sounds inducing fury

This conceptual design for a ‘building eraser‘, i.e. a robot that automatically scrubs out unwanted structures has shades of I, Robot. Robot demolition is actually a thing – Swedish industrial giant Husqvarna manufactures a whole range of automated machinery for … Continue reading

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Things from here and there

Other things, a long list to make up for a few weeks of absence / speculative plans for a Mission to Mars, one option of presumably many / social media fuelled road trip across the American West / Central London … Continue reading

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