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Bring the sun

The Mirror (Lo Specchio), via Core77: In the far northwest corner of Italy, in a quiet valley dominated by steep hills, is the tiny hamlet of Viganella. It’s centuries old and mostly uninhabited. In the next fifteen years, the population … Continue reading

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I walk on concrete / I walk on sand

Bob Mazzer’s portfolios of life on the Tube in the 80s and 90s is doing the rounds (posted at Spitalfields Life, linked via MeFi). Flickr is the place to go for countless sets of old London imagery: City of London … Continue reading

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Warming the soul

We haven’t really had enough time to digest the existence of the Southampton Nostalgia Scale, via this post on the Benefits of Nostalgia, linking to a recent NYT piece that explores what nostalgia is good for. From the article: ‘Nostalgia … Continue reading

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The death of curiosity

We’re entering an era when the luxury of looking, collecting, curating and arranging is becoming an antiquated occupation. Glancing through the richly illustrated pages of Curiosity: Art and the Pleasures of Knowing (we haven’t visited the accompanying exhibition yet) and … Continue reading

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Small snippets

A Migrant boat cemetery in Lampedusa, photographs by Michele Lapini / Faith is Torment, an art and design blog / ShapeShifting, a tumblr / Container Magazine, an assemblage of art and design (via wallpaper*) / the FIBUA village on Sennybridge … Continue reading

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DIY revolution

Today’s fantastically dangerous and foolhardy idea is the flying bicycle, a whirring model-mounted quadrotor that should come with a fifty metre exclusion zone and flashing hazard lights. Not a real proposal, of course, but a demonstration of remote working and … Continue reading

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