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Music things

Not quite the B52s, but a huge tranche of information about the design and manufacture of the B17 bomber / Music video where you can control how drunk the band are (via HYC). Watch Moones play their track ‘Better Energy’ … Continue reading

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Clouds, castles and catastrophes

Fantastic Journal goes off on an entertaining jaunt in search of Voysey / a misfits’ notes on architecture, on design, sustainability, icons and the slaying of sacred cows / What to do about Nauru, Basement Geographer on the blighted South … Continue reading

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Cityscape dreams

Hyper Drive YURIKAMOME, zooming through the cityscape (blog post) / various residential houses in California, photography by Adrian Schulz / My Dad Was in a Band (via Coudal) / Solar House History, the story of pioneering sustainable design. There’s also … Continue reading

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Fax machine evolution, a project by Alex Newby / photographic recreations of famous paintings by Tom Hunter (via this isn’t happiness) / castles built on sand, ‘master plan‘, a beautiful but rather literal project from Studio Chad Wright (via dezeen) … Continue reading

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Lots of things to click on

Modern life is rubbish; reduce your cell phone to a pint glass support stand and end constant texting (via Core77) / orange things / Philips surfs the retro wave with a short film about Compact Cassettes, including contributions from the … Continue reading

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Atoms and Poodles

The end times draw nearer, thanks to Ren Netherland’s images of American extreme dog grooming. Freestyle dog grooming, perhaps / Michael Danner’s Critical Mass explores Nuclear Power in Germany from 2008-2011, a photographic exhibition that also spawned a print exhibition, … Continue reading

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Architecture and objects

ATP Iceland includes a visit to the exhibition Life on a NATO Base / How I learned to love clutter / links to ambient sound recordings from around the world / Curve live in London, Town and Country Club, 27 … Continue reading

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Money eater

Architecture, flow and money eating machines: ‘Slot machines: a lose lose situation‘, Tom Vanderbilt in the Guardian on the science and psychology of the slot: The space is rather like a city, with gridded blocks of machines occasionally opening into … Continue reading

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Underground water and above ground glitches

Love and Madness in the Jungle: ‘A brilliant American financier and his exotic wife build a lavish mansion in the jungles of Costa Rica, set up a wildlife preserve, and appear to slowly, steadily lose their minds.’ The (ongoing) story … Continue reading

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Round and round

Another made-for-web piece of analogue fetishism, Kai Schaefer’s series ‘World Records‘, which brings together classic vinyl and classic turntables / as nostalgic vessels go, this is perhaps less involved and drawn out than creating an entire imaginary soundtrack that purports … Continue reading

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Social landscapes

Meg Handler, Fans, a photo series. Well over a decade now, so obsession looks slightly different, perhaps slicker and yet less focused / sort of related, Alien Nation: Have Humans Been Abducted by Extraterrestrials? / Pareidolia: Why we see faces … Continue reading

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Archives and experiences

The Alan Fletcher Archive, a treasure trove of work from one of Britain’s best-known graphic designers, beautifully organised and presented, from Pelican covers through to the simple girl’s guide to living room, and much, much more (via Phaidon) / (related, … Continue reading

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Credits from the grave

Did The Rite of Spring really spark a riot?: ‘The performance continued to the end, despite the rowdiness of the audience, and one thing most accounts seem to agree on is that there was an ovation.’ Obligatory link to the … Continue reading

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