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San Remo Brochure, 1932, by Mario Puppo, at paper graphic design from the 1920s to the 1970s / flying around the Futurist visions of Antonio Sant’Elia (via BlenderArtists) / Aortica Magazine, via Magpile / another new magazine, Special Request / … Continue reading

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The man with a suitcase

Never Underestimate the Power of a Paint Tube, ‘Without this simple invention, impressionists such as Claude Monet wouldn’t have been able to create their works of genius’ (via Nevver): ‘[little-known American portrait painter, John G.] Rand’s brush with greatness came … Continue reading

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Dead lines

The Curious Trail at West Norwood Cemetery is another example of life returning to these under-utilised urban and suburban assets. The great Victorian cemeteries – the Magnificent Seven, of which West Norwood is one – were citadels of death, splendidly … Continue reading

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3D Paris

Paris 3D is a new venture from Dassault Systemes, long time purveyors of all forms of simulation, including the Geovia ‘virtual planet’ software (used in the mining industry, and looking a little bit like Minecraft in the process) and flight … Continue reading

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Ballgame rituals

Baseball Magic, ‘George Gmelch Gmelch shows that magical ritual, taboos, and fetishes surround aspects of baseball that are least predictable, thus most likely to challenge human control.’ There is a taboo against crossing bats, against permitting one bat to rest … Continue reading

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Meeting in the middle

Crushed Cayenne, an installation by Köbberling and Kaltwasser: ‘The ambiguous frailty and accessibility of the sculpture representing their destruction were in stark contrast to the familiar tank-like look of these cars – intact – in real life. SUVs with their … Continue reading

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New English Landscape

The New English Landscape is a new blog from writer Ken Worpole and photographer Jason Orton. Together, the pair have been traipsing around the fringes of what we define as rural Britain, chronicling the shifting status of landscape, beauty, the … Continue reading

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Save your place

HAIKU FOR the man in the seat in front of me, BA flight 143, Edinburgh to Heathrow, 31 August 2012 you put your seat back as soon as we’ve taken off I learn about you Andrew James Brown (from DOG-EAR, … Continue reading

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Small things

Covered Cars, a photoset / new updates to the Wing Mirror Project / Epic Citadel, the Unreal Engine in a browser (Firefox only) / One Week One Band tackles Neil Young in an impressively comprehensive fashion / Kateoplis, a tumblr … Continue reading

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Wednesday things

Lego projects to make yourself / play Jenga online (via The Odd Particle [Re]View) / the True / False Film Festival specialises in documentary film / The curious tale of the stolen books / A Silver Statesmen Announcement, Sub Pop … Continue reading

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