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You’ve been Glassed

Thirty-five arguments against Google Glass kicks off what is bound to be a hefty backlash against the intelligent goggles. See also this story, ‘Privacy ‘impossible’ with Google Glass warn campaigners and the discussion at Metafilter, which rounds up some other … Continue reading

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Vanishing planes and phantom noises

The 727 that vanished: ‘Late in the morning on May 26, when Joseph and Swain were expecting 844AA to land, Joseph took a call from an Air Gemini employee, who demanded to know why another crew had flown the airplane … Continue reading

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Bowie Mania Again

A guest review by Oliver Bradbury 1987 was undoubtedly Bowie’s all-time nadir; bequeathing us a hideously overproduced album that the singer himself would later disown; appalling ‘80s big hair; and a painfully naff appearance on the debut of American Top … Continue reading

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Friday things

Time-Lapse Shows World’s Largest Ship Being Built in 50,000 Photos (via). From the thread, for contrast purposes: Building a 72′ schooner in Viet Nam / colour + sound reminisces about the magical Omnicrom Machine, a heated roller that used special … Continue reading

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Reading between the lines

A proto-satnav: leather-cased scrolling travelling map from the 1920s, ‘a Bakelite cased unit housing a pair of rollers manually operated by two winding arms to the side, with 24cm wide plastic window displaying a Bartholomew’s road map for South-West England’ … Continue reading

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Soupy twist

There are many gems at Bonhams’ upcoming Aviation and Space History Sale in New York, including ephemera, artefacts, historic photos and stunning imagery. A selection: signed image of the Mercury Capsule, Soviet surface-to-air missile engine (‘apparently unfired’) / Wally Schirra … Continue reading

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Here be dragons. And burgeoning creative industries.

Battersea as blank canvas for purely speculative architectural exploration: atelier zundel cristea transforms power plant into architecture museum (thanks to Socks Studio for the link). This is of course render-bait, speculation reduced to a showcase for a studio’s visualisation chops, … Continue reading

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‘Any city gets what it admires, will pay for, and, ultimately, deserves’

Penn Station, But Deliver Us From Grand Central: ‘These intercut scenes, from Hollywood films shot in New York’s Pennsylvania Station before it was demolished in 1963, or on stage sets representing it, form a composited narrative set in Manhattan’s great … Continue reading

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Bubble and Streak

A nice piece of PR: New series of Mad Men has called on British artist Brian Sanders to draw ad campaign heralding return of Don Draper and co. Check the art of Brian Sanders for more. The above image is … Continue reading

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Tumbling the past

We’re a little late to this, but the National Geographic has launched a new tumblr, Found, skimming the cream off a photographic archive going back 125 years. There are NG images lurking in picture libraries around the world, but also … Continue reading

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Music and more

Calling all Moleskine fetishists – you may yet get a share in Hemingway, Steven Poole on the carefully contrived back-story behind the internet’s favourite notebook / floor plan drawings of Popular TV and Film Homes / yet more printable moon … Continue reading

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Put a bird on it

A tumblr mosaic maker / some tumblrs: Vast and grand, monumental, music and art / Old Engineering, a lovingly curated collection of archive imagery, modern photography and old scans (e.g. the Rockin Robin, the smallest analog computer ever made and … Continue reading

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Friday link collection

A solid paragraph of things to read and explore. Have a good weekend. The Experiential Thrill of Driving in Films, Rick Poynor on the view from the windscreen and how it is perfectly shaped for the cinema screen / Even … Continue reading

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