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Higher and higher

Author and architect Carlos M Teixeira’s ‘Maharishi . The Ultimate Skyscraper’ is a cautionary fiction about an endless tower in Sao Paolo. Published in edition 2 of the Paperwork Journal, it was accompanied by illustrations created Mister Mourao (Vasco Mourão) … Continue reading

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And beyond

Nepotism. Academic Dynasties: Decentralization and Familism in the Italian Academia, via BBC News. From the linked (pdf) report, ‘Academic Dynasties‘: ‘Between 2000 and 2010, there are 37 instances of sons or daughters hired or promoted during the mandates of either … Continue reading

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Missed connections and more

Apologies for the hiatus. We Buy White Albums, an installation of as many copies of the Beatles’ LP as can be found / related, 4,667 ‘Jerry Maguire’ videos and counting / the New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual … Continue reading

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In deep

Wired’s piece on Gunther von Hagens, ‘The Plastinarium of Dr. von Hagens by Daniel Engber, is accompanied by photographs by Vincent Fournier. The above image is ‘the carcass of a giraffe, its spots turned pale in an ethanol solution, lies … Continue reading

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A small selection of links

Observed before, but worth re-visiting: the John Starr Stewart Ex Libris Collection. More bookplates / paintings by David Frazer / man dies of heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill / Camouflage Measure 32, Design 22D / the Drawings + … Continue reading

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Lost in action

John Glassie’s Tumblr is a repository of ‘interesting things’, many of which have some bearing on the great Athanasius Kircher, and specifically to Glassie’s book, A Man of Misconceptions: The Life of an Eccentric in an Age of Change (more … Continue reading

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Monster Soup commonly called Thames Water

Home on the Thames, a journey through a changing riverscape. The walk culminates in Vauxhall, and this brief history of Brunswick House, a wonderful Georgian building marooned in traffic, is a good primer for how architecture, use and society shift … Continue reading

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Stealthy and secure

Building sites reveal unseen London, photographs by Andy Spain of the facades and vistas that are temporarily revealed by wholesale redevelopment in the (usually cramped) City of London / London’s Heygate Estate, currently in the process of demolition, sparks the … Continue reading

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Wood and mazes

Moby is busy making the shift from musician to amateur architecture blogger to presenter. He’s no Meades, but the short film, Moby Celebrates LA Architecture is designed to whet your appetite for an upcoming exhibition, Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern … Continue reading

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Growing ideas

Elaborate paper sculptures by Li Hongbo / Spacebus, to ‘be used for launching medium satellites and as a general-purpose launch vehicle, but its main use would be for transporting tourists and supplies to and from space hotels.’ / Mars One, … Continue reading

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Colour and culture

‘When the fashion industry declares that lime green is the new black, or instructs us to “think pink!,” it is not the result of a backroom deal forged by a secretive cabal of fashion journalists, designers, manufacturers, and the editor … Continue reading

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Gravity is a mistake: We work hard to correct it

The Institute for Centrifugal Research: ‘Established in 1976 by Dr. Matthew Brenswick and Dr. Nick Laslowicz, the institute has never stopped doubting the generally accepted laws of physics.’ This carefully constructed backdrop bolsters the masterful short film by Till Nowak, … Continue reading

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Random things

A Historical Atlas and Gazetteer of Europe from Year 1 to 2000 / more dronery: one / more dronery: two / Bedroom Cassette Masters Volume One Old skool, ‘lo-fi vintage electronica produced in bedrooms across the world between 1980-89’, download … Continue reading

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Futurism is fickle

Futurism is fickle in its means of presentation. London-based architects Foster and Partners have announced a partnership with the ESA to ‘3D print structures on the moon‘, positing a lunar architecture more akin to the Flintstones than the Jetsons. What … Continue reading

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Puppets on a stream

How Netflix is turning viewers into puppets ‘Netflix might not know exactly why I personally hit the pause button but if enough people pause or rewind or fast-forward at the same place during the same show, the data crunchers can … Continue reading

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Art and drones

The drone has become a pervasive feature of contemporary art practice. As more and more questions are being asked about the legitimacy and efficacy of the various RPV programmes around the world (but mostly, it has to be said, the … Continue reading

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