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Fading away

Jonathan Meades on the Joy of Essex, highly recommended / Is it time to bid farewell to the architecture book? Monograph makers are shuttering their presses and switching to digital only publication as the idea of a large, rapidly-dating piece … Continue reading

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Up, up and away

Where the Viper Gets Its Vroom, an essay of ‘photographic illustrations’ by Brett Beyer on the modern American auto plant, in this case Chrysler’s Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit. The NYT is touchy about the use of the term … Continue reading

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Imaginary views and made up buildings

We often get called out for being too much in awe to Lego, but CUUSOO is something to keep an eye on, a kind of Kickstarter for Lego models, where users post extraordinarily detailed and complicated models – such as … Continue reading

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Small is beautiful

The 1957 Voisin Biscooter C31, part of RM Auction’s Sale of the entire contents of the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum (via MeFi). For more Voisin, see our earlier post, Dead icons.

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Weekend things

Sadly unavailable to buy in the UK: Yellow Loveless, a tribute album (via MeFi) / Renaud Marion makes photographs of floating cars / things to watch: Memorex is a loving homage to the neon-tinged early days of CGI, legwarmers and … Continue reading

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All seeing

Against Tumblr at Maisonneuve Magazine: ‘But Tumblr, infectious as it may be, is symptomatic of a vacuous taste-making culture that thrives on fickle inside jokes and the immediacy of novelty qua novelty’ / taking custom made Lego set to the … Continue reading

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Known issues

Old Shapes, New Brutality, a sculpture by artist Nick Hornby (not that one). See also the work of Nick Cave (not that one) / What are some famous works of obsession? See also, The Old Man and the C Drive, … Continue reading

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The origins of circuit bending

ET wasn’t the first circuit bender. The term, used to refer to ‘the creative customization of the circuits within electronic devices… to create new musical or visual instruments and sound generators’, has been around since 1992 and was coined by … Continue reading

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Vtech and tech

Electronic toys are at their heart imitative, that is to say they ape the ‘toys’ and objects of the grown-up world. A company like VTech, founded in 1976 in Hong Kong to cash in of the growing bandwagon for simple … Continue reading

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Click Opera

There’s something clever – and sinister – going on here: Upgrade your (in)security cam firmware is a site that scrapes the web for open webcam software, plotting the results on a world map so you can dive in on hundreds … Continue reading

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