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Cabinets, cases, collecting and display

And so we find ourselves on the edge of the year, without all that much inclination to look back (that’s a job that others can do with so much more depth and expertise). Things magazine feels increasingly marginal, hovering on … Continue reading

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Rockets and tubs

Benchmarking, ‘photographs from benches, seat level. Minimum to zero composition. The images are titled after the metal plaque inscriptions. A continuous project.’ (thanks Dai) / The City Is Here For You To Use: 100 easy pieces / The Original Prop … Continue reading

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Long-term parking

Seb Lee-Delisle is a digital designer / the top 10 most expensive turntables. We’ve always wondered what kind of music audiophiles actually listen to, and whether or not there’s a rarified world of ultra-highly produced music that is somehow leaps … Continue reading

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House beautiful

Design Observer hosts a lovely gallery of architects in children’s books, mostly used as an excuse to delve into the wonderful world of illustrating small scale houses. The piece is especially obsessed with the House by Mouse books (like Need … Continue reading

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When copyright lapses…

After the plastic-moulded Mal 1956 (previously) comes Charles the Chair from Singapore-based Fred Lives Here. ‘Made entirely out of concrete, the world’s most favorite lounge chair and ottoman is finally weather-proof…’

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Offline and unrecorded

Caterina on How to be Free and the power of digital memories, an essay that originally accompanied the New Museum show ‘Free‘ in 2010. ‘As the human and data combine, as we appear in surveillance cameras, and leave behind traces … Continue reading

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Doing the twist

Morphological similarity and visual inspiration: Someone has built it before. There are no new architectural ideas / ArchNewsNow carries the burgeoning Niemeyer backlash / Cibarius, a tumblr about food / The Gourmand, a magazine about food / Post New intrigues … Continue reading

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A tale of two breads. Artisanal baking verses the sliced loaf / Said the Gramophone’s selection of the best songs of 2012 / an interview with Rob Walker about his exhibition ‘As Real as it Gets‘ (see previously) / The … Continue reading

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The uses and abuses of aviation

An interview with photographer Hélène Binet. Binet has done much to shape the presentation of contemporary work from the likes of ‘Peter Eisenman, Daniel Libeskind, Peter Zumthor, Zaha Hadid and Luigi Moretti’, acting as the bridge between the architects’ abstract … Continue reading

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High and mighty

Part of our ongoing and occasional series exploring Cold War oddities and instantly outdated pieces of military equipment: the McDonnell XF-85 Goblin, a ‘parasite fighter‘ designed to work in conjunction with the Convair Peacemaker / prints by Jantze Tullet / … Continue reading

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