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Live, from the scene of the tragedy

Posy Simmonds’ classic Guardian series from the late 70s and 80s is being republished as Mrs Weber’s Omnibus. The Sunday Comics Debt has an expansive post on Simmonds’ social satire, a very British (and middle class) story that is densely … Continue reading

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Paths and sources

London Cross: A straight line walk across London undertaken by Paul K Lyons, the first part of a grand project: ‘My intention is to do a similar walk from east to west, thus creating a cross. I decided to start … Continue reading

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Clyde Lott and the red heifer of millennial doom

Reverend Clyde Lott and the red heifer of millennial doom. From 1999: ‘If Clyde Lott has his way, several hundred cows will be flown to Israel this December. And the Mississippi preacher has some unlikely allies in his quest: Jews … Continue reading

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Fig. 1-99

Friendship Explosion, 100 colour studies created by the artist Anthony Gerace. ‘Each one is constructed from a single image, or rather the counterforms from an image, [sourced] mainly from 1960s-1980s magazines, and using the backgrounds from the covers.’ Tonally rich … Continue reading

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Art from life

There’s a strand of contemporary art that involves extremely detailed and complex construction, using techniques taken from cinematic special effects and other disciplines to create an effect that goes beyond real, venturing into the realm of the uncanny. The late … Continue reading

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Pets at home, part 2

Frederik Roije’s After feathers flew in the debate about the fowl extravagance of hedge fund manager Crispin Odey’s chicken house – a little Palladian pastiche courtesy of Smallwood Architects – here’s another OTT chicken coop, a $100,000 special edition created … Continue reading

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Pets at home, part 1

‘When wild beasts roamed the UK‘, the story of menageries, animal shows and exotic beast dealers like Charles Jamrach and Edward Cross. ‘Most exotic pet shops were in London – by 1895 there were 118 wild animal dealers in London … Continue reading

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Round and round and round

History of film, 100 years in a chart / Remember who you are, James Ward takes the considerable time and effort to attend an all-day long David Icke marathon at Wembley Arena, just so you don’t have to. Also by … Continue reading

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Book covers, from now and then

A little late for this, perhaps: ‘Dracula will be a 740 page book by the artist Roman Vasseur that features the covers of an ongoing collection of novels from the vampire genre.’ See some of the covers already collected. The … Continue reading

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Red dots

A city map scattered with over 10,000 red dots: the Spatial distribution of executions in Stalin’s Moscow, a ‘database of purges of Moscow residents in 1930s-50s’ taken from data provided by The Memorial Society. Linked via an article by Daniel … Continue reading

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