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Festive things

We haven’t really got the hang of Amazon Associates yet, but it seems that some of you are kind enough to buy things via things, theoretically giving us a bit of a financial boost and helping out with hosting costs. … Continue reading

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The Secret Garden

The tale of a secret theatre in Berlin, discovered by one Dirk Moritz of the Moritz Gruppe and posted at Design Porteur. From the site: ‘An old cabaret theatre from the roaring ’20s has been uncovered in the heart of … Continue reading

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Fighting fire with fire

Occasionally, overthinking things is fun and entertaining: “Swiper, No Swiping!”: The Demonology of Dora the Explorer. Via MeFi, which has plenty more links and this this wonderful comment: Q:How realistic is the Fireman Sam series? Like, would a town that’s … Continue reading

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‘… a direct result of the actions and/or gross negligence’

We love it when little spikes of online interest can be traced back to source. The Acme Catalogue has got further traction on Mlkshk and MeFi, which links to this The ORIGINAL Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products (‘accept no imitiations’). … Continue reading

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A new dustbowl

Elon Musk’s grand plans for colonising Mars – a throwaway remark, perhaps – have certainly captured the media’s attention. There’s a whiff of Bond Villain about the whole endeavour, with the totalitarian, almost cult-ish undertones that would inevitably be created … Continue reading

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Dark matter

Tokyo 1955-1970 at MoMA (via C-Monster). An exhibition about the avant-garde in post-war Japan, revealing an avant-garde set at ideological odds with the country’s outward expression of calm and conformity. Having declared its post-war reconstruction over just 9 years after … Continue reading

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More photo-realism

The Bernarducci Meisel Gallery seems to be home to many of the voyeuristic fringes of photo realism, including the cityscapes of Gus Heinze, the Sofia Coppola-inspiring ‘portraits’ of John Kacere (possibly nsfw), and the, um similarly-themed imagery of Hilo Chen … Continue reading

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Like fairy wings fading away

A short history of the Lego Space Shuttle / Alec Shao, a tumblr about art and installation / see also not shaking the grass, which collates large, visual posts like this one on Lucinda Devlin’s The Omega Suites / where … Continue reading

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Away, bombs

Is this famous image of a Heinkel bomber above Millwall actually a German propaganda fake? Airminded is on the case / MDM Props are the manufacturers and makers behind many iconic contemporary artworks and installations, including Anish Kapoor’s Turning the … Continue reading

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End of week collection of things

A big Friday link round-up. Deck the halls in a Slayer Christmas Jumper / incredible miniature military dioramas at Brigida Tripeira / Quick Streetview, instant access to the world’s front doors (via MeFi / are you growing tired of my … Continue reading

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Under Tomorrow’s Sky

Under Tomorrow’s Sky, ‘a fictional, future city’ held at the MU Foundation in Eindhoven and created and curated by Liam Young. Young’s intention was to explore the intersection between architecture, science fiction, speculative literature and real technology, bringing together practitioners … Continue reading

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Solar century

Jamey Stillings photographs Google power plant, Phaidon’s Agenda posts a series of photographs of the world’s largest solar plant, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (see the site on Google Maps). Stillings also has some fine photographs of the Hoover … Continue reading

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Realist paintings by David Finnigan. Progress and technique information on his weblog, including the underpainting and structure of a work like ‘Interchange‘, above / pop paintings by Terry Thompson, including urban signs.

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The future, then

The Handley Page Victor still seems like a vision of the future, over 60 years after it was designed. Aviation has a habit of confusing timelines, blurring advanced concepts with impossible futurism, with the shroud of secrecy clouding what is … Continue reading

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Psock’s corner

Deborah Copaken Kogan on rifling through the cupboards at Richard Rogers’ Chelsea house: What did actually happen was this: I opened Richard Rogers’s sock drawer and started to cry. It was beautiful. It was perfect. It did not only what … Continue reading

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The life aquatic

Parlour Aquariums is a massive site devoted to aquarium history, in particular the Victorian naturalists and entrepreneurs who brought the sea shore and the rock pool into the city and the home. See also the excellent The Ocean at Home: … Continue reading

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The life Oramic

The Oramics Machine, ‘a unique electronic instrument invented by Daphne Oram, [who] controlled both the structure of a piece and how it sounded by painting on strips of 35mm film. The fundamental sound came from waveforms that she also painted … Continue reading

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Back stories

Other things. Terrifying close-up photographs of eyes / scratch-building a Lamborghini / Three Star Books make artists’ editions, including work by Ryan Gander (I’m Trending) and Matt Mullican (88 Maps) / the story of Vulcan Bomber XH558 / landscape photography … Continue reading

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In storage

A Living Archive, a project that ‘recognizes the cultural compulsion to collect in the U.S., and investigates how this practice should transform the existing typologies of the home and the archive within an emergent American landscape of storage.’ A proposal … Continue reading

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Mostly harmless

A few days of randomness ahead. Who needs a kick-starter? Griff Industries builds ships for Oolite / ‘Car dealer forced to hide Jimmy Savile’s Range Rover after hate campaign over abuse claims‘. The sale was greeted with characteristic nudges and … Continue reading

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