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Wheels of 3D printed thermoplastic

Wonderful yet strangely inevitable, using 3D printing to make custom records for the Fisher Price record player (via Core77) / new book Instant: The Story of Polaroid (Amazon) has its own trailer / the Google Ground Truth project (via BBC … Continue reading

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The Great Polish Map of Scotland

The story of General Stanislaw Maczek’s Great Polish Map of Scotland: ‘Set in the open air in the Peeblesshire landscape at Eddleston, General Maczek and his companions conceived The Great Polish Map of Scotland as a permanent three-dimensional reminder of … Continue reading

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On the trail of high weirdness

MeFi post of the month winners. The ultimate winner, High Weirdness by Mail is over 11,000 words of rumination on the cultish High Weirdness by Mail catalogue, a ‘directory of kooks’ assembled by the Reverend Ivan Stang of The Church … Continue reading

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The Arms of Nerf

We’ve been waiting for a story like this: How Nerf Became the World’s Best Purveyor of Big Guns for Kids (via MeFi). The article traces the history of Nerf products and the blasters in particular, from the original Nerf Blast-a-Ball … Continue reading

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The Image Atlas

Image Atlas scrapes the visual web for the things that unite and divide us. Developed by artist Taryn Simon and Aaron Swartz, the site ‘investigates cultural differences and similarities by indexing top image results for given search terms across local … Continue reading

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Weekend link selection

The Drawing Room, ‘an exhibition of outstanding original illustrations inspired by beautiful and brilliant everyday objects’. Showing next week at Luna & Curious and featuring the work of twelve illustrators, including Jess Wilson, a detail of whose work for Show … Continue reading

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History and its objects

A History of New York in 50 Objects, via MeFi. Closely related to the British Museum’s A History of the World in 100 Objects (also available as a book). There’s always something compelling about collections – it’s one of the … Continue reading

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New Utøya

Fantastic Norway has announced details of their New Utøya project, ‘a strategy for re-establishing a political camp on the island of Utøya. Our ambition has been to reflect and reinforce values such as commitment, solidarity, diversity and democracy, both through … Continue reading

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Floating worlds

The idea of a Thames Estuary airport is a metabolist dream of landscape domination that has old, old origins. As each year passes, the idea slips ever further from our grasp as the costs pile up and the practicalities melt … Continue reading

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Soupy twist

Parallel Lies, truly excellent – we’ve been missing a biting architectural website ever since the demise of BBA. We hope it continues: ‘Koolhaas said, for instance, that for his plans for the remodelling of Dubai he negotiated a payment of … Continue reading

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Sinking into the lagoon?

In a sense, each Venice Biennale marks a changing of the guard, as the scope of the exhibition invariably dovetails with the social and professional sphere of the appointed curator. For the past couple of decades, the upper stratosphere of … Continue reading

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Figure studies

‘During the 1950s, under the quasi-legal rubric and ruse of “Art and Photo Figure Studies” hundreds of soft-core digest books featuring blurry photos of semi-naked women were sold by the truckload to a willing, greedy and needy consumer market’: the … Continue reading

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