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Elementary, but imaginary

The weekend link selection. A review of Black Metal: Beyond the Darkness (via Mountain 7) / after the recent post about the ‘hotel of doom‘, here’s some more images of North Korea / Paroneiria, a weblog / the brick and … Continue reading

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Testing, testing

A small collection of tests, psychometric, psychological and others, drawn from the Science Museum’s Brought to Life, Exploring the History of Medicine online galleries. Above, Lowenfeld Mosaic Plates, London England, 1955-1965: ‘sets of plastic tiles [devised by Dr Margaret Lowenfeld] … Continue reading

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The myth of a woodland landscape

The Sherwood syndrome: ‘We picture ancient Britain as a land of enchanted forests. That’s a fantasy: axes have been ringing for a very long time’ (at Aeon Magazine). One only need look at the near-ecstatic reception given to Danny Boyle’s … Continue reading

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Bombs and X-Rays

The artist Ahmet Ögüt created Exploded City in 2009 as an installation at the Venice Art Biennale. The city is ‘an imaginary metropolis comprising buildings, monuments, and vehicles that have figured in acts of violence and terrorism over the past … Continue reading

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Over a few hundred pages, as Harry enters adolescence, Diggory reddens, Harry reddens, Ron reddens, and Fudge reddens; Percy goes slightly pink, then very pink; Hermione is slightly pink; Malfoy is slightly pink and then brilliantly pink; Hermione is very … Continue reading

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Roads to nowhere

Jonathan Meades: ‘Architects are the last people who should shape our cities‘ (via World Architects): ‘The mediation of buildings can never be neutral. As long ago as the 1930s, Harry Goodhart-Rendel observed: “The modern architectural drawing is interesting, the photograph … Continue reading

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The city sculpted

Alan Wolfson makes ‘miniature urban sculptures’, like Katz’s Delicatessen and Peepworld. Reminiscent of the work of Michael Paul Smith, who takes beautiful photographs of his insanely detailed car models in an imaginary suburb he calls Elgin Park. More photographs here … Continue reading

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Objects / Homages (2007)

Paintings by Guy Yanai (via échange de beaux procédés)

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Another side of optimism

Abraham Lincoln is Watching Over You: The Strange World of Victorian Spirit Photography and the Hoax Photo Archive, both via Ask MeFi / The Atlantic tackles the Nottingham Caves (see previously) / illegal stretch limousines cut up and crushed (via … Continue reading

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LA Noire

MichaelRyerson’s photostream is rich with imagery from the early days of Hollywood and LA, the highs and the lows / Edgar Martins, photographer and subject to much online heat for some controversially manipulated images back in 2009, has become a … Continue reading

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Small cubes Corporate presentations just took another step forwards, this time with the ‘Hyper-Matrix‘, a 3d presentation screen used by Hyundai, combining HD projection-mapping with physically movable ‘pixels’ of styrofoam (via AB).

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A passion for pixels

The aesthetic of games gone by is now thoroughly blended into the mainstream. Dan Gray recently linked to a proposed Kickstarter-funded history of Sensible Software 1986–1999 by Read-Only Memory. As the galleries in Pure Machine Code suggest, there’s a rich … Continue reading

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Canned culture

Time capsules. The eclectic bunch of designer fare in the above link is the contents of a time capsules placed in the foundations of the new Design Museum, now on site at the former Commonwealth Institute in London. The items … Continue reading

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Making our way through landscapes, digital and otherwise

We cited artist Mary Flanagan a while ago. Flanagan’s Borders project, ‘video documentation of a series of walks, conducted virtually in popular, shared online multi-user worlds. The rendered landscape is beautiful and hypnotic and we are transported directly into [Henry … Continue reading

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Unaccustomed to the noisy crowd

The blog of the University of Houston Digital Library, rich with interest, including Edward Topsell’s 1658 book ‘The history of four-footed beasts and serpents‘. Topsell’s Bestiary included a version of Dürer’s Rhinoceros (although not this one, sadly), brought to Portugal … Continue reading

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Unnecessary Addendum

It came, it went quickly. The Multi-Story Building Model by Chris Ware, no longer available. ‘Presented as an absolutely unnecessary addendum to the already-unmanageable “Building Stories” graphic novel, this outrageously expensive signed limited edition print will find few interested parties … Continue reading

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Weekend link selection

Vintage Children’s Books My Kid Loves, a very excellent website / related, links to book cover art / Morning Type, a daily selection of typographical imagery and inspiration / the world’s oldest colour film footage, non hand-coloured, dating from 1902 … Continue reading

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Parhelia SHO—ZYG, ‘sound installations, exhibitions and performances from artists at Goldsmiths, University of London’. There will be a concert and other events next week (from 21st September). Found via Jotta, which has links to videos, including Hydro-Acoustic Study [sketch Part … Continue reading

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Maps of relief

Relief maps of the Western Front at the Australian War Memorial. Related, 3D relief maps made at The Cutting Room, who have an impressive portfolio of projects / Seed Capsules, a tumblr by Sophie Munns / Why I secretly recorded … Continue reading

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Goodnight to all that

Illustrator and author Bob Staake’s Bad Children’s Books (via Kottke and elsewhere). These are in the grand tradition of ‘children’s books you’ll never see‘, a meme that has been circulating the web for many years, originally a Washington Post competition … Continue reading

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