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The Bridge and Tunnel Crowd

The Atlas des routes de France was a vast survey of the country’s road and waterways, undertaken by Daniel-Charles Trudaine from 1745 to 1780 (although Trudaine never lived to see it completed). ‘The 62 bound volumes contain more than 3,000 … Continue reading

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Small selection

The transport design of Robert Q Riley / Audiolibre is a ‘free sound repository’, trawling the web for obscure and interesting recordings (via Bowblog). Include the sound of a tsunami / flying boat interiors / all about the Technics SY … Continue reading

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Tell me why

This is the Verge, a tumblr / art by Don Lucho / India Knight’s Tumblr / Writer on the Train, setting up as a writer in residence aboard a First Great Western train / the sacos de papel is a … Continue reading

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Friday’s collection of random links

Superhuman, ‘an exhibition exploring human enhancement’, at the Wellcome Collection (things having previously been involved in the collection’s Phantom Museum exhibition about medical curiosities and accompanying

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Recreations, cutaways and tumblrs

Gail Albert Halaban’s project Hopper Redux tracks down houses painted by Edward Hopper and presents them in rich, painterly light. Some side by side examples / this amazing cutaway drawing of BBC Television Centre comes from this ‘unreliable and wholly … Continue reading

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The Ear of Dionysius

Listen to the sound of the Ear of Dionysius, a field recording by Silent Listening undertaken at the artificial cave in Sicily: ‘According to legend (possibly one created by Caravaggio), Dionysius used the cave as a prison for political dissidents, … Continue reading

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Collections and clarifications

The Covert History of the American Condom, via MeFi. The excellent Collector’s Weekly site also has a history of barbed wire: “Right now I have 280,” he says. “I’m trying to keep my collection below 300 because I can only … Continue reading

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Deep down trauma hound

Terra Vivos is an ‘Underground Shelter Network for Long-Term Survival of Future Catastrophes’. Reeks of zombie paranoia at the very least, but the listed scenarios include Planet X and general anarchy, all of which one can ‘ride out’ inside one … Continue reading

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The great Moon Hoax

Lapham’s Quarterly has the story of the rapping Fox sisters by PT Barnum, extracted from his 1866 book The Humbugs of the World, a guide to charlatanism in all its forms, from Spiritualism, dubious businesses, medicines and classic hoaxes. Mostly, … Continue reading

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250 GT Berlinetta

Collect and build five Ferrari models in Lego. In Hong Kong only, sadly.

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