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Link round-up

The Architectural Record rounds up architectural websites, the good and the bad thereof. Mostly architectural journalists get incredibly frustrated with tricky navigation, links that can’t be saved and pictures that can’t be clipped… / The Great Myth of Urban Britain … Continue reading

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Early icons

A little bit more about the Victorian ‘tower for London’ competition posted about last week. Flicking through the descriptive illustrated catalogue of the competition and the sheer range and stylistic variety of the entrants is self-evident, from amateur improbabilities to … Continue reading

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It all used to be fields

We’re late to the Secret History of Our Streets documentary on BBC, but having read Owen Hatherley’s The secret history of sentimentality about two-up two-downs before we watched the first programme (on Deptford High Street) it was hard not get … Continue reading

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On rails

Ivan Puig’s SEFT 1 project, in collaboration with Andres Padilla (via Thank You Very Much), takes the aesthetic and heroics of the space programme and translates it to the rather more pragmatic mission of exploring the history and remnants of … Continue reading

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The city’s spiky skyline

London in 20 Gigapixels, 2012 and a Descriptive Illustrated Catalogue of the Sixty-Eight Competitive Designs for the Great Tower for London, 1890. The former would have been greatly enhanced by the success of the latter (both via b3ta).

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Should I leave the engine on, to listen to that mountain song

The traditional American station wagon is the subject of Wagonmasters, a new documentary about the cultural impact of these road-going behemoths from the pre-SUV era. Now almost entirely displaced by the SUV, CUV and everything in between, the film celebrates … Continue reading

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Carrying the green flag all winter long

Henry Bourne’s British Folklore Project, brining the Green Man/Jack in the Green to life / Battersea to Peckham in the style of Claude LeLouch’s C’était un rendez-vous / illustration by Adam Simpson / other things, a weblog / Spine Out, … Continue reading

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Be kind, rewind

The film American Collectors, produced and directed by Bob Ridgley and Terri Krantz, examines the psychology of collecting, with interviews with 15 ‘unique’ collectors. According to Krantz: “in our research for this film we found that 30% of the American … Continue reading

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A million monkeys

IBM Sequoia: ‘The computer is capable of calculating in one hour what otherwise would take 6.7 billion people using hand calculators 320 years to complete if they worked non-stop.’ A torturous analogy / Adaism, a coffee table tumblr / Automobila, … Continue reading

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Everybody knows this is nowhere

Friday link round-up. The Reverend Awdry’s Revenge, a fine broadside from Bat, Bean, Beam against the ubiquitous railway stories and their relentlessly marketed toy division: ‘The titular hero of the modern cartoon and toy empire, Thomas, turns out to be … Continue reading

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