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Hanging things off things

Artist Richard Wilson attempts to use architecture as the ultimate canvas with his forthcoming piece ‘Hang On A Minute Lads, I’ve Got A Great Idea…‘, an installation that will sit atop Bexhill’s celebrated De La Warr Pavilion. The piece balances … Continue reading

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Faire avancer le schmilblick

The idea of a Heathrow Garden City splices all sort of current thinking together into a big, improbable melange. Greening over runways and building homes, schools, lakes and gardens smacks of fantasy urbanism, a post-technological Eden slash post-apocalyptic jungle that … Continue reading

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From poster power to concrete’s unshakable image problem

A fascination with mechanical failure and human error. Auto accidents from the collection of the Boston Public Library (via MeFi). See also Fuck Yeah, Wrecks and the photographs of Arnold Odermatt (oft-cited by us, but still some of the most … Continue reading

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Pack up your troubles

How do you escape from an oil rig? You use a freefall lifeboat, such as those manufactured by Verhoef. ‘The only aspect that is needed to clear the dangerzone is the ever available force of gravity. The specific design of … Continue reading

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Back to dial up

Patrick Baty is a historic paint consultant. His weblog includes such gems as the Traditional British Colours used in the Coronation of King George VI, complete with the colours of the British army and heraldic colours: ‘There are five colours … Continue reading

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Ducking and Covering

The story of the Atomic Honeymooners: ‘The bride-and-groom-to-be were chosen from among at least one hundred similarly nuptial-minded teams. Paul Indianer, [owner of Bomb Shelters, Inc], remembers that he chose Mel and Maria because he noticed on the entry form … Continue reading

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Looking at the stars

Following on from yesterday’s post, browse a sampling of the National Air and Space Museum’s aviation and space object collections. There are also photo archives and technical drawings and an amazing cache of drawings, paintings and prints chronicling the early … Continue reading

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Historic simulations

We loved this book: scans from the 1984 publication Creative Computer Graphics, by Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton (via Coudal). Jankel and Morton created Max Headroom, inspiration for the still mysterious Max Headroom pirate TV incident, recently solved by redid … Continue reading

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Catalogues and Collections, part 2

/ Things magazine is always looking, but the sad reality is that if it’s not on the internet it doesn’t exist for us. And that’s a problem. Our own archives are a case in point; until we get our house … Continue reading

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Limited theatrical release

A while back we linked to Adam Curtis’s post, The Bitch, The Stud and The Prawn, within which he traced all sorts of merry paths through contemporary culture culminating in a strange period of deliberately low-key, almost unwatchable films made … Continue reading

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