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Up in the air

The 1900 Summer Olympics attained a height of elegance and quirkiness that few games have managed since. Known as the Games of the II Olympiad and held in Paris. From Wikipedia: ‘Some unusual events were contested for the only time … Continue reading

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So, I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip

Doug Aitken’s MoMA installation ‘Sleepwalkers‘, from 2007, gets the lavish box set treatment. Someone needs to start a gallery of great box sets, from music to art and more / how to polish a car / Monolithic, a look ‘at … Continue reading

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The Imposter Object

Anchor Bay Entertainment are from the quick and dirty school of film-making, with countless schlocky slasher movies and knock-off action titles in their copious backlist. The parade of DVD covers gives an interesting masterclass in the art of cinematic design, … Continue reading

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From ZX82 to the Hobbit

Buran Suprematism, a Kosmograd post that either reveals the ease with which the hard-won aesthetic discoveries of the early twentieth century come to our tech-filled lives, or the prescience with which these visual pioneers were able to foresee an unimaginable … Continue reading

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Spots and dashes

Eleven facts about the notorious spot paintings, via this isn’t happiness. We can add a number 12: one of Hirst’s former spot painters was children’s author and illustrator Lauren Child. The above is obviously a Hirst Medicine Cabinet because, well, … Continue reading

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From stinks to secrets and giant trees

The BBC on the theme park economics behind Nantes’ epic Machines de L’Ile workshops, currently hard at work on a massive Carousel, as well as the Heron Tree, ‘A monumental structure in the heart of the city, this steel tree … Continue reading

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Pools and red and green

Mapping. Reworking Booth: Geodemographics of Housing, Oliver O’Brien on creating a modern equivalent of the poverty map: Geodemographics of Housing in Great Britain. Switch to the Index of Multiple Deprivation for a more nuanced view. However, all the data in … Continue reading

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Animal Magic

Pop-Up City carries the story of the Tokyo Zoo Project (official site), a fun Sony-sponsored GPS drawing exercise to promote the titular animal establishment. As the site itself proclaims, ‘let’s draw giant geoglyph over Tokyo, with bicycle/walking navigation system.’

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Walk this way?

The Crisis in American Walking. Tom Vanderbilt on the reasons why ‘the United States walks the least of any industrialized nation’ (the title of one article Vanderbilt cites encapsulates the problem, ‘Columbus residents see potential benefits of sidewalks‘). The US … Continue reading

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Travelling and Trespass

Kevin Cyr produces images and objects, including Camper Bike, a sort of deconstructed housing crisis on wheels, a device for a new frontier that has nothing to do with traditional ‘urban mobility’ / open the pod bay doors HAL. Build … Continue reading

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