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A selection of links, part 2

Some end of week links, part 2. Car culture in China – an end to the official obsession with Western status brands? / Mark Power’s series on the Airbus A-380, industrial design on a Europe-wide scale / A crime of … Continue reading

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A selection of links, part 1

Some end of week links, part 1. Built Dublin, ‘A love letter to architecture and public space in Dublin, Ireland.’ / the blog of Frank Chimero / once and for all, they’re LEGO bricks, not LEGOs / two enthusiastic sites … Continue reading

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Mapping the origins

Yesterday’s post sparked a bit of debate about content creation, consumption and the nature of making links, copying, pasting and imitating. Yesterday’s minor flurry of interest in Memepool ably illustrates the evolution of the weblog from tempting textual wonderland into … Continue reading

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Sound of silence, sounds of confusion

The Tumblr trap: Is Internet culture turning musicians into content-producers? In the future, we will all be ‘content producers’. A dread phrase (via MeFi, where it is correctly pointed out that music is content). So is instant online media setting … Continue reading

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Lost fringes and paper cuts

Five years ago, when we linked to the online archives of WET, ‘the magazine of gourmet bathing’ (via an throw-away reference to this hip late 70s publication by Stephen Bayley), we noted that it was one of those ‘things that … Continue reading

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Borders from space

A random selection. Sippey, etc., is Michael Sippey’s current platform for thoughts and links, including Jessica Eaton’s beautiful Cubes for Albers and LeWitt, a three dimensional conflation of two iconic pieces of minimalist art / and we complain about the … Continue reading

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Morbid curiosity

The Museum of Talking Boards presents a history and extensive collection of these essential spiritualist tools, with their origins in the speedy reception of information from the ‘other side’: ‘The problem with table turning was that it took far too … Continue reading

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Hong Kong by night

The website for Frank Gehry’s new apartment building in Hong Kong, OPUS HONG KONG, features an amazing pair of 360 degree panoramas of the city, by day and by night. See also the axonometric pixel map of the city at … Continue reading

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Engineering for Teenagers

The tweak is the thing. Teenage Engineering, makers of the extremely seductive OP-1, which takes the aesthetics of Casio’s VL-1 from 1979 and the likes of Roland’s TB-303 and infuses it with modern electronics to make a compact, pricey and … Continue reading

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Slow motion

Jonathan Schipper’s Slow Motion Car Crash #1 is the UK debut of his series of glacial automotive catastrophes, similar in concept to Schipper’s earlier Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle (and seen here in early model form). We’ve previously noted … Continue reading

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