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Hunting and shooting

The fashion for designer minimalism continues with these children’s story posters (at Square Inch Design Blog) / The Archive at the Badge Collector’s Circle website / Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies. The novelty section is especially fun / Achill-Henge / … Continue reading

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The City of Samba, a remarkable tilt-shifted film. See also Fuck Yeah Aerial Photography / paintings by Emil Robinson / Open the Tower, Lego deployed as an architectural sketchbook / a blog from William Wegman / Sannah Kvist has taken … Continue reading

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Through the rabbit hole

Starring the Computer, ‘a website dedicated to the use of computers in film and television’. A bit like the Internet Movie Cars Database, the site’s creators have set themselves up for a never-ending task, although many of the references in … Continue reading

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Any old iron (via BBC News) is disarmingly empty at the moment, but the idea behind this non-Police controlled website is that members of the public are able to report acts of violence and get them plotted on a map. The Met … Continue reading

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The dark side

Tumblrs. Laurie Rollitt, an illustrator / pale, curated contemporary imagery / House of Sunday, imagery / _soft finds, imagery, videory / Anti-Gravity Bunny, a music blog / Journalism is screwed, ‘genuine job adverts from the internet’. Looks like the writer … Continue reading

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Tapes, tunnels and maps

Honest by, shop by colour (via The Naked Pheasant) / Bo Press makes miniature books / see also this Salon piece, the beautiful evolution of maps / Cathy’s Hive, retro futurist chaos / You make me so happy, animated chaos … Continue reading

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Cruising, or ‘travel without tears’

We’re all in the same boat, aren’t we?, Adam Curtis on the world of the ‘funship’, and how they are floating kingdoms, a law unto themselves: ‘And in the strange fun-world of the superliners the waiters, the cabin staff, the … Continue reading

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Crumbling models and London’s past

Broken Houses at AnArchitecture, a project by Ofra Lapid: ‘I find these photos on the web while pursuing an amateur photographer from North Dakota who obsessively documents the decaying process of these houses. His photographs are used to create small … Continue reading

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The empty city revisited

Maground is a different kind of photography agency. The German company specialises in producing backdrops, often for automotive clients, searching out the most spectacular landscape, the glossiest city streets or the most brooding sky. The results are those impossible places, … Continue reading

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Sub Aqua

Buy the Xarifa, prototype for Steve Zissou’s Belafonte? (in spirit, if not in form, as this forum post on modelling the Belafonte will testify). From the broker’s listing: ‘Subsequently owned by Lord Iliffe and later Baron Empain, Xarifa was purchased … Continue reading

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Future visions

Hidden underground drinking-water reservoir in Houston / life of an architecture student, a tumblr / NASA concept art, generating more love and interest many decades past its completion than it ever did when it was new. We recently received a … Continue reading

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The death of optimism

Ruins of an Alternate Future, a piece by Evan Chakroff on the role and fate of Jinhua Architecture Park (via Archinect Blogs). Curated by artist Ai Wei Wei and constructed from 2002 to 2006, the Park emerged bold and blazing … Continue reading

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Time for Change

The Gunpowder Plot: exploding the legend, a science-y look at what a lot of barrels of Seventeenth Century gunpowder might have done to parliament. Talking of London cellars, apparently the wine cellars of Devonshire House, the London seat of the … Continue reading

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