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Vue des Alpes

Utterly random selection today. Download NASA’s latest view of Earth / the world’s next tallest tower will be in Azerbaijan? / two cartographic destinations: UltraMapping (via MeFi), including links to Cameron Booth’s series of U.S. Routes as Subway Maps / … Continue reading

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Landscapes and stamps

Once was England, nostalgia for a lost age. Includes a (dead) link to Jarvis Cocker’s free National Trust: The Album project, which seems to have vanished from their site. You can download the soundscapes here / Paper & Trumpets, a … Continue reading

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Locked in the circuitry

Harvey Moon’s drawing machine is the latest in a long line of artistic automatons. The device essentially works from photographs, and Moon claims inspiration from Hektor, ‘the Spray-Paint Output Device,’ but there have been similar machines throughout history (although some, … Continue reading

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Household Archaeologies

Storage is the nemesis of organisation. The academic discipline of household archaeology is a trifle too dense for our purposes. Instead, consider the layers of debris laid down over decades and the way that memories drift and settle like a … Continue reading

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Hacks and holes

A heady dose of literary schadenfreude is available for easy consumption over at Hatchet Job of the Year, the highbrow version of clicking on Amazon’s 1-star reviews (even if the latter hobby usually involves laughing at people who are missing … Continue reading

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Whales and tall tales

Hugh Pearman has a far more thoughtful piece on Le Roi des Belges (‘the boat that’s a house on top of a London concert hall’), with interior images of the (ironically) named mock steamer’s bedroom for two / Arts and … Continue reading

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Strangely nautical

Trying very hard to escape from nostalgia, but its gravitational pull is colossal. Renault 4 Ever was a design competition hosted by designboom, looking at how the values inherent in a classic piece of functional design, the original Renault 4, … Continue reading

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‘… paper is the solid medium. Digital is the fragile one..

‘In the Fafe Mountains in the north of Portugal, the Rock House, a Casa do Penedo / the story of The Soft Bulletin / Creepy things that seem real but aren’t, a regular feature at Crushable about ‘modern urban legends’ … Continue reading

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Tracking the decline

We are living in a trackable world. As well as the fascinating Flightrader24 site there’s also, which parcels up the world into chunks of maritime movement. There may be more, but our favourite piece of realtime cartography is this … Continue reading

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Deep down trauma hound

Kirill Kuletski’s photographic series ‘Speleotherapy‘ is a record of a very peculiar form of treatment: ‘Scientists found that the salt-permeated air of the working salt mine helped to dissolve phlegm in the bronchial tubes and also killed the micro-organisms which … Continue reading

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