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The year end approaches

Random things today and the start of a holiday recess. Has Abu Dhabi gone bust? / will refurbishing the Sydney Opera House really cost $1.1bn (Australian dollars) / the Skyscratcher, the ultimate accessory for cat-loving architects (or architecture-hating cat lovers) … Continue reading

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Ups and downs

Gionarle Nuovo closed over four years ago. It now exists as an archive / The Paper Collector / Chicken Wire Fabrication Video / re-visiting Get Carter / The Up House / 2011: The Year in Band Names / the Raagini … Continue reading

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The sad story of Battersea Power Station: a graveyard of architectural visions

Few buildings have been submitted to as many masterplans and schemes as Battersea Power Station. Once again in limbo, the great red brick hulk on the south bank of the Thames has acted as a canvas for the shifting architectural … Continue reading

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Clowning around

The Circus Scrap Book contains many articles on circus lore and function from the early twentieth century, including this piece on Circus Hoodoos (scroll down) from January 1929: ‘Old Van Amburg made barrels of money and prospered travelling through the … Continue reading

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Dock and Go

The swaying buildings of Victor Enrich at Archiact. More at Archdaily. Vaguely related, MVRDV’s newly announced ‘Cloud‘, which marks the first appearance of what one might call the ‘Minecraft’ aesthetic in contemporary architecture / we also like the blank lots … Continue reading

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Woods and patination

We’ve commented before on the relative paucity of pre-aged consumer electronics, in comparison to industries like guitar manufacturer, where patina is treated as a highly prized extension of craftsmanship (a post expanded upon at a456). As well as ‘artist-endorsed’ models … Continue reading

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Spit it out

Enter the Little Printer from BERG, a slice of contemporary kawaii that spits out customised reels of cloud-sourced information, communications, trivia and news. It beats having a toaster tell you the weather, but it’s very self-consciously analogue, a ‘social letterbox‘, … Continue reading

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