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The modern archaic house

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Ducks and rakes

Google Image Search Results, a tumblr by Rob Walker. See ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Googled Reproduction for background information, as well as this recent post. Picasa’s face recognition has been around for a couple of years … Continue reading

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Bits and bobs

Creative gift guide. Stack’s magazine subscriptions are a great way to keep current on print. There’s also the currently closed (temporarily?) Quarterly, which offers curated gift packages by such online luminaries as Geoff Manaugh. See also The Thing, ‘a periodical … Continue reading

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Various things

Architecture for Astronauts has never really got over the fact that Raymond Loewy worked on Skylab (Skylab Archive) and Future Systems co-founder David Nixon went off to the US to work with NASA / related, the work of Architecture and … Continue reading

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Run, hide

A Guide to Playtesting from H.G. Wells, who wrote a book called Little Wars in 1913. A post at the Hide&Seek blog, which mentions that the illustrations are especially fine (H.G. Wells, the English Novelist, playing an indoor war game) … Continue reading

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High-end absurdity

Nature Treks is a trippy FPS (first person soother?) from Greener Games (via Rock Paper Shotgun), ‘a non competitive, interactive experience aimed as an aid for relaxation and healing through the use of audio and visuals’. A mix between Waybuloo … Continue reading

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Into the belly of the whale

Sperm Whale Tales at Cool Antarctica contains several cetacean-based yarns, including the infamous (and untrue) tale of the sailor James Bartley, allegedly swallowed by a whale after he fell overboard from the Star of the East, a whaling ship ‘cruising … Continue reading

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Catching a ride

How to Avoid Repeating the Debacle That Was the Space Shuttle: ‘The most important thing to realize about the space shuttle program is that it is objectively a failure. The shuttle was billed as a reusable craft that could frequently, … Continue reading

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Going underground again

Further to our recent post about underground worlds, Digital Urban links to the Nottingham Cave Survey, using laser scanning to map and capture the incredible subterranean network below the streets. From the site: ‘…beneath the city there are nearly 500 … Continue reading

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Estates and Minivans

A random selection today. Film City is a film set in the remote desert of Qatar that now serves as an off-the-beaten-track tourist destination for ex-pats / Osterley Park’s library has been restocked, using ‘a collection of antiquarian books … … Continue reading

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Death and destruction

Mistakes we made along the way: thoughtwax on the slow death of blogging, channeling Jared Diamond. ‘I feel sorry for blogging. How could something so great just wither on the vine? There are vast prairies of abandoned blogs now. Without … Continue reading

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Bread and circuses

Piccadilly Lights is a splashy site run by Land Securities, promoting the neon and LED advertisements at Piccadilly Circus. Thanks to the end of Sanyo’s 33-year ownership of one of the prime spots on this atypically gaudy piece of London … Continue reading

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The house of all houses

The Beetlejuice House, Ironic Sans on the transition of the Maitland House from American Gothic to neo-decon, via Peter Eisenmann and Stanley Tigerman. The set design was by Bo Welch. You can download the house as a Sketchup Model / … Continue reading

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Down below

If only there existed a survey drawing of the Mole Man tunnels of Hackney. William Lyttle died in 2010 and his house is finally for sale, although it’s in a pretty parlous condition. One of London’s great modern myths, the … Continue reading

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