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Behind the scenes

A Spatial History of Trapdoors at BLDG BLOG sent us off on this diversion. Apart from bringing to mind the fantastic British animation (which spawned an equally brilliant Spectrum game), there’s also a physical history to be explored in the … Continue reading

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Moving mountains

Compare and contrast, ‘Beyond the Infinity by Serge Salat (video at last link) and a Menger Sponge built from Post-It notes, by Nicholas Rougeux (via Kottke) / the TDK History Museum. Not a patch on this analog audio tape nostalgia … Continue reading

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Finding the path

Which games meddle with life? and When Video Games Get Stuck In Your Head (both via MeFi). The bleed between real and virtual has been fictionalised and exploited for decades, ever since the days of Max Headroom and the fumbling, … Continue reading

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Peak travel and the love of machines

A salient point comment frpm this post on the Wellcome Collection, now celebrating its 75th anniversary: ‘The Cabinet of Curiosities is sort of a material manifestation of Western Victorian men’s interests in establishing dominion over the entire world, cultural and … Continue reading

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‘…not a consumer article produced by a genius.’

The Irish Vernacular takes DIY and house-building to a new, ultra-pragmatic level. Devised and produced entirely by the architect Dominic Stevens. The site provides plans and instructions ‘to help you to design and build your own house much like the … Continue reading

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A dog, a panic in a pagoda!

Steel is a symbol of industrial might, so the frisson of schadenfreude that accompanies revelations about substandard Chinese steel is palpable. A few years ago, there was a similar story, and the very latest industry scandal is the tale of … Continue reading

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At Class Action Park

Porträts Doubles by Niklauss Poerri, a study of (mostly) Swiss look-a-likes. Every country has its celebrity look-a-likes, we suppose, and Switzerland is no different. And the term ‘look-a-like’ is stretching it a bit in most cases (above, Daniel Radcliffe and … Continue reading

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Concrete (and steel) mountains

A practical joke that has gained strange traction, the Die Berg Komt Er is a suggested 2km-high artificial mountain set in the flat plains of Holland. Suggested by Dutch journalist Thijs Zonneveld, it is intended to fill a great hole … Continue reading

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Rain, steampunk and speed

The Wacom Inkling looks pretty interesting; a device that translates regular paper drawings into vectors. Slightly more information at Wired / the Revell Ekranoplan model / an Ode to Vinyl, pops and crackles / Find my car, find your car, … Continue reading

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Island, expeditions and archives

DRB’s Abandoned Disney, part 1 has insights into the forgotten corners of the Mouse’s empire. We especially like the visit to Discovery Island (video), now overrun with vultures / curating a web museum is akin to some form of obsession. … Continue reading

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Waves and ribbons

Stealth Iconography: The Waveform looks at how the digital waveform has come to represent music and how the waveform itself is finding its way back into the physical world, mostly in gimmicky but evocative objects, like the sound waveform bracelet … Continue reading

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Mars needs

‘Mars to Stay‘, the ‘proposal that astronauts sent to Mars for the first time should stay there indefinitely, both to reduce mission cost and to ensure permanent settlement of Mars’. Lots of concept art and chest-beating at MarsArtists. See also … Continue reading

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Standing stones and nerdy day trips

Kartographic – a KLF map (via b3ta. See also Stoned again?, Jonathan Key’s review of Cope’s epic The Modern Antiquarian: A Pre-millennial Odyssey Through Megalithic Britain. The site and blog is now a massive resource, a rambling journal of discoveries … Continue reading

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Daily bits, 5 of 5

Final bits and bobs scraped up off the cutting room floor / Marc Fisher’s Public Collectors link set on delicious is well worth an extended browse through. A few samples: markings found in books / the many treasures of Bill … Continue reading

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Daily bits, 4 of 5

Many things collected and collated at The Memory Atlas / instant sidebar addition for Room 26 Cabinet of Curiosities, which ‘features new acquisitions, unique documents, and visual and textual curiosities from the collections of the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript … Continue reading

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