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Speeding through

The truly epic Metropolis II (via). Burden’s installation – opening soon at LACMA – is both celebration and critique of the dynamism of the contemporary city. The title obviously nods to Lang’s Metropolos and the crawling, whizzing cityscape built by … Continue reading

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A lustre of charm

Amazing Retreats, a specialist in renting out castles for corporate retreats, is about to open Spitbank Fort, one of the Solent Forts scattered across the water between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. The fort is being extensively redeveloped: ‘The … Continue reading

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“Mazes, Mirrors, Deception and Denial“, part of an epic four part analysis of The Shining, exploring how ‘Kubrick [played] spatial mind games with his audience’ (via MeFi). Related, The Real Overlook Hotel. See also, Creating Special Effects for “2001: A … Continue reading

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How to design a time machine, a speculative fiction

Time travel is theoretically impossible (via this spirited MeFi discussion). But forget physics for a moment, or known physics at least, and suppose that time machines already exist. We just don’t know where they are. If one is still predisposed … Continue reading

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