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I heard it from the valleys

Jason Orton’s latest photographs from the Olympic Park site, as things shift from the grubby earthworks of raw regeneration through to the banality of utopia-in-waiting. One person who won’t be at all impressed by Orton’s photographs is Iain Sinclair, who … Continue reading

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Concrete islands

Some photographs by Andrew Meredith. Projects include Slaughtermen and Weston-super-Mare. His tumblr has a fabulous image, ‘Beneath the Mountain‘, taken ‘deep below the surface of the artificial mountains underneath the old Polar Bear enclosure in Londons historic Zoo’, otherwise known … Continue reading

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Moon shots

Futurism. Everything new is old. A look at some of the The shuttle’s potential successors. Unbelievably, Boeing’s X-20 Dyna-Soar concept (one of the best spaceship names ever) dates back to 1958, over two decades before the Shuttle project came to … Continue reading

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The Gingerbread Cottage on Haunted Hill

Help Me Expand My Home Organization Realization, tips and tricks for cutting clutter (physical, not mental) / A3 Tunnel, a blog about the soon-to-open Hindhead Tunnel / yet more rusting Russian relics, this time forgotten Soviet-era architecture. The photographer uses … Continue reading

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Ice cream headache

Something out of a short story, Calvino perhaps, The Clockwork City (via Digital Urban), a concept and very literal ville radieuse ‘whereby entire districts move, thus negating the need for transport systems. Need to get to work? Wait 10 minutes … Continue reading

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Cranes, Planes, Automobiles and Tribute Bands

We love absurd and obscure simulators. Classic flight simulation is all very well, but it’s the lovingly crafted virtual recreations of quirky machines and processes that fascinates us, such as this Street Cleaning Simulator (via RPS). It appears to be … Continue reading

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Tumblrs for Monday

Wandering Eye, a tumblr / Bojkowski, book cover tumblr / On the Borderland / Nina Perlman / a lula me contou / old lawrence / Ministry of Propoganda (is it just us, or is the old term ‘they have a … Continue reading

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Themed parks

Apologies for infrequent posting recently / some things that caught our eye / a new edition of Collapse is now available / George Plimpton’s Video Falconry / how the Daily Mail uses rude words to boost its Google rankings / … Continue reading

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Here be doom cakes

Frankie Goes to Hollywood, the game. An 8-bit experiment in non-linear narratives (far too strange for us, at the time) / strange maps: where is the Island of Sodor? / see also the round-up of fictional maps and imaginary places … Continue reading

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