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Fish and foul

Define the Ratio of People to Cake. Turnbull is on a roll / Such Hawks Such Hounds, a documentary film about the ‘music and musicians of the American hard rock underground circa 1970-2007’ / Kind of Screwed, fair use and … Continue reading

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Light and dark

The contrast between Junya Ishigami’s installation at the Barbican’s Curve gallery and Peter Zumthor’s Serpentine Pavilion could not be starker, but each ‘building’ is an indictment of how architecture culture lives and dies by the spectacle. First, the Serpentine. The … Continue reading

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Searching for the spark

Cloud Fracas, bottomless mud pits, online privacy and a talking dog. Delightful / how to make money from your website, in straightforward facts and stats. things is practically a case study for the top 7 blog mistakes to avoid / … Continue reading

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The South Bank Exhibition: A Guide to the Story it Tells

A bit of shameless nostalgia today, tapping into the ongoing sixtieth anniversary celebrations for the Festival of Britain. In our projects section you’ll now find a complete scan of The South Bank Exhibition: A Guide to the Story it Tells, … Continue reading

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New old things

A short series of reports on The Power of Asia, an addendum to which might be the recent story about the Xeroxed Austrian Village, ‘Chinese Secretly Copy Austrian UNESCO Town‘. The cloning of Hallstatt was a recent early silly season … Continue reading

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The curious types

Hotel door hangers collected by my grandfather / Local Rules: The death (and re-birth) of retail, by Dan (CoS) Hill (longer version on his site) / Dear Photograph, ‘photographs of photographs in the place where they were photographed (via MeFi) … Continue reading

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Whimsy, irony and confusion

‘My memories of the Festival of Britain? ‘Oh, not another queue’‘ Ian Jack on nostaglia, one of his favourite themes. Most pertinently: ‘Among [the Festival of Britain’s] many qualities were two – whimsicality and irony – that have become well-established … Continue reading

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Things to watch

Minimum Wage in European Countries, part of the Google Public Data Explorer / The Decorators, a London-based design agency / the 1980s FuzzFace reissue / the Charnel-House, Historico-Philosophical Notes / Ampersand Magazine, literature from Australia / MMMT, a tumblr / … Continue reading

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Circle Grave

Yes, but who is the actual architect? The new Apple HQ looks a bit like GCHQ spliced with Olafur Eliasson’s ‘Your Rainbow Panorama‘, which, come to think of it, is pretty much a literal mash-up of what might go on … Continue reading

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Syndromes, tumblrs and prohibited words

Tumblr Tuesday. Talking of Michelangelo. See also Stuff Mr Conn Says, a compilation of quotes from my art history teacher / the angels wanna wear my red shoes, literature, art and manuscripts, a tumblr. It also points us towards the … Continue reading

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Degrees of Intent

Curators and Imitators takes a slightly aggrieved look at the emergence of self-described curatorial tendencies amongst bloggers. ‘In the usual modern senses of the word, a curator (who often works for a museum) has a complex set of responsibilities that … Continue reading

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Making decisions for other people

A round-up of image sites at MeFi / Neither/Nor, a tumblr / M/R, a weblog / Rare Edward Ardizzone illustrations of Huckleberry Finn rediscovered (via Text Patterns) / two from SCB: the world of recursive acronymns and an interview with … Continue reading

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The Imaginary Wilderness

We have returned from a fortnight of travelling that took in one of the most easterly points of Europe (related) and one of the most westerly. Our apologies for the lack of updates and slow order dispatch (things 19/20 available … Continue reading

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