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Subterranean Homesick Blues

Anker Steinbaukasten, or Anchor stone blocks, were the Lego of the nineteenth century. Download a host of neo-classical designs or browse George Hardy’s expansive Richter’s Anchor Stone Building Sets pages (which apparently runs to 6GB of data). Links include these … Continue reading

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Oaks, wrecks and social change

A Penguin Books delivery van from 1937, at TYWKIWDBI (from the comments) / Ornamental Passions, Devoted to the unexpected details that help to make life in the city worth living / Leafsnap: An Electronic Field Guide (via Kottke). It’ll be … Continue reading

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Launches, timelines and coffee cups

An American life in photographs, from the early days of transistor technology to the laid back West Coast scene of the 70s, including trips to Disneyland in 1958: the Nick DeWolf Archive (via City Planning / Map Kibera, ‘Kibera in … Continue reading

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Revisions and reworkings

The BBC’s Domesday Reloaded Project began back in 1986 and is only now slipping onto the web (via MeFi, which also points to the project’s troubled laser-disc based genesis). We wonder how many other archival projects there are out there … Continue reading

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A small selection of links

Post-apocalypticism is back: Interstate Nitro, a (very) slow-burning remake of the classic 90s game / Aesthetic Pleasure, a tumblr / How can I add more mystery to everyday life? / The Face (1980-2004), a flickr group / When Did Girls … Continue reading

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Triumph of the Visual

Elsewhere as a generator for here. ‘The Unknown Fields Division is a nomadic studio that will throw open the doors of the AA and set off on an annual expedition to the ends of the earth exploring unreal and forgotten … Continue reading

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Friday link round-up

A few things. The Magazine of the Blog, as presented by Crying all the way to the Chip Shop / The Days of Yore, before they were famous / 892 Unique Ways to Partition A 3×4 Grid / the Cover … Continue reading

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Prepackaged patina

Archiving is the New Folk Art, at A perfect commotion: ‘Like quilting, archiving employs the obsessive stitching together of many small found pieces into a larger vision, a personal attempt at ordering a chaotic world.’ There’s a scene in the … Continue reading

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