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Patina and posing

Patina is not something that is associated with new technology. Disregarding the fact that an object exists in its primal, unsullied state for mere minutes after it has been unboxed, there is still an emphasis on perfection in technological goods. … Continue reading

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A round-up and an announcement

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, a criticism blog with claws. Vicious reviews are always so much more fun to read / related, Reasoning with Vampires, a tumblr-powered takedown of the Twilight series / another book, clearly pitched at the tech-savvy, post-ironic … Continue reading

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Cults and closures

‘From beginning to end, photographers from The Oregonian documented the followers of guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the remote eastern Oregon commune they formed and the downfall and prosecution of their leaders’. From the Rolls-Royce Photo Archive: ‘This factory built limousine … Continue reading

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Ghosts in the machine

The Fred Sandback Archive (via ROLU), on the art, exhibitions and publications of the artist / a neat summation of the Ffffound aesthetic at David McGillivray’s blog: ‘It’s almost like Ffffound made a music video. Reduced opacity shapes over deer … Continue reading

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Books, sets and organisation as a sales tool

New Found Original, ‘an online shop selling a carefully selected and ever changing collection of graphic products’. Interesting to see if the flurry of interest in ‘graphic products’ generated by blog culture will translate into a viable commercial operation. There’s … Continue reading

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End of week link collection

Slow Motion Glide through Bath Spa station, the short film by Graeme Taylor (via b3ta), has inspired a music video / 35mm Pinhole Hasselblad by Kelly Angood. See also the Olivetti Valentine / Flat Elephant, an installation by Shin Egashira … Continue reading

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Willow the Wisp

12:31, a spectacular series of images recreating the fragmented body of a convicted murderer. This video of the source imagery was played and captured on a long exposure as it was moved through space, resulting in the thinly sliced cadaver … Continue reading

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Crash and burn

More curating. The Object Project, including such diverse things as a Calendar from an Italian coffin manufacturer, a Menu from a whorehouse in Nevada and a unfinished model car. ‘The objects photographed for @theobjectproject were culled from the personal archives … Continue reading

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Random panels of coloured glass

Studio in the Woods 2010, a flickr set / Jack Draws Anything. And is getting quite good in the process / So Much To Tell You, trend-hunting, imagery-scouring weblog / Silent Grey, a tumblr / Iain Claridge blogs about design … Continue reading

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