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Small things considered

Usefulness in Small Things, Items from the Under a Fiver Collection. Industrial Facility’s eye for quirky but unadulterated function has manifested itself in several exhibitions of objects. Now it’s a book, a handsome object that fetishizes the quotidian in a … Continue reading

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A stitch in the urban fabric

Witley Park, a set on flickr by Richard James (via MeFi, via Sabotage Times). The comments in the latter link speak of the mysterious Victorian Street, allegedly buried beneath Selfridges. If you compare and contrast old maps of the area … Continue reading

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It’s all a bit of a blur

Three posts on the lingering memory of the space of ancient video games, and how the ordering of spatial experience – however simplistically and abstractly achieved – can persist in the mind for many decades. First up, Castlevania: Harmony of … Continue reading

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Random things

Peter Wylie’s Concrete (Beton Brut) series of paintings / the Hitler publishing craze, and its many, many manifestations / many other projects discussed at Projects unedited, ‘Artists discussing their practice and experiences through personal blogs about the projects they’re working … Continue reading

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The Real Zelig?

Who is the most Zelig-like person in history? Is there a single figure who can be verified as being present at the most number of key historic events, cultural, social and political? Imagine a dilettante who starts off in New … Continue reading

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Floating worlds

Terra Nova, a blog about virtual worlds / Good Design / Bad Design, a well-styled imagery link blog / little people are living on your ceiling: Parallel World by Ji Lee (via SpaceInvading). We also like his 3D chess board … Continue reading

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Yell now has 3D city maps in Beta (via Coudal). Their London model instantly trumps Google Earth’s rather meagre selection of 3D structures, but the trade-off is that there are far more rough edges in the modelling data; it sort … Continue reading

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Half remembered things

The work of Tobias Rehberger includes a series of cars created via a process of mental photocopying; the car is redrawn from memory, and then rebuilt (apparently in Thailand) as a fully functioning, ‘remembered’ object. See ‘Som-Tam-Poo‘ (2004), a ‘Handmade … Continue reading

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The essence of revelation

In his piece on the burbling-but-never-quite-boiling stew of resentment that seems to be following Apple about these days (‘Forget Google – it’s Apple that is turning into the evil empire‘), John Naughton references Umberto Eco’s seminal essay ‘The Holy War” … Continue reading

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Film and unfinished

The perfect thing for accelerated attention spans? Trailers as Movies. ‘Think how much story you could tell in a couple of hours if it was told at [the same pace as a movie trailer], with the audience working hard to … Continue reading

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Watching the collectors

Only Collect: ‘Benjamin’s “Unpacking My Library: A Talk about Book Collecting” may explain the architect’s obsessions with books, but in the post-print era, what do we hoard?’. Mimi Zeiger in Domus on the state of the contemporary collector and the … Continue reading

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City of Silence

In the annals of outsider art, Michael the Cartographer stands out for the sheer lack of documentation: ‘Michael the Cartographer’s date of birth is unknown. He lived in isolation and spent long periods of time making invented maps which he … Continue reading

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Abandoned in London, a tumblr of things lost in the capital (via unapalombaro) / rery likes, a tumblr / caught up, a tumblr / and it’ll be fine, a tumblr / Osso, a tumblr by Joana Garrido / Oeil de … Continue reading

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Short links

Equally elegant and ugly, a tumblr with an illustrative slant / Trixie’s Treats, an illustration blog / a collection of car dealer brochures / photographs of the Bridge at Hoover Dam / DRM, the internet of things and why limited … Continue reading

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