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An open invitation to the chisel fest

Fear and Gaming: Being and Nothingness and ‘Minecraft’, part of Jonathan Gourlay’s Fear and Gaming series at The Bygone Bureau (via MeFi). There’s also a forthcoming Minecraft documentary. From the article: ‘The popularity of the game makes perfect sense as … Continue reading

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Taking things apart

The above image is from photographer Todd McLellan’s series ‘Disassembly’. These aren’t even portraits of contemporary complexity, but of relatively ancient items (in technology terms). The neat lines of components, springs, screws, buttons and numbers is almost a parody of … Continue reading

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Lego abstracts

Real Estate, a film by Jonathan Weston (via Murketing). ‘Exploiting the familiar style of architectural visualisation, the film tracks the advert’s increasingly reactionary responses to escalating urban events.’ / sort of related, Ryuji Nakamura’s Midget & Giant(posted on Triangulation Blog, … Continue reading

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Empty spaces

Photo essay: The Edge of Light: Wendover, exploring ‘the interstitial, unoccupied spaces at the edges of the interstate, among the ruins of the military base, and between the nightlife zones and the casino workers’ tract housing. We set out to … Continue reading

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Friday things

Formfreu, old cars and old buildings, e.g. the Wartburg Museum and classics in snowy Berlin / We love paintings, a tumblr / Pimp that Snack, incredible scale-defying comfort foods / favourite maps from flickr, a collection by Tom Gauld (via … Continue reading

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Cabinets, containers and memory

Some flickr-powered museum archives: Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, the Brooklyn Museum (see Goodbye Coney Island?), the New York Transit Museum, the Field Museum Library, the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich (see the PortCities London set, part of the PortCities show), the … Continue reading

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Small scale

Just one paragraph with lots of things today. Go Figure, ‘You can take the most random rendering and just stick in a few people… Suddenly it’s meant to make the entire building beyond critique; it’s already part of our city.’ … Continue reading

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Ghosts of machines and houses

“I Saw Four Green Objects in a Formation”, ‘An interactive map of 15 years of UFO sightings.’ It’s been UFO week online. Salon contended that Ronald Reagan cared more about UFOs than AIDS and there was a smart, but ultimately … Continue reading

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A random selection of owly links

We are a sucker for things called ‘things‘. See also Things for iOS (although we’re not sure what this actually does) / really, when did owls take over the internet? In fact, owl imagery seems to be a staple of … Continue reading

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Rather more images than usual

Related to the Nolli map linked below. Armelle Caron’s “villes rangées” explode city plans into their constituent forms. ‘Caron deconstructs cities, identifies fragments, classifies blocks by size and shape. All meaning, memory, void and heritage is kept away by decontextualization. … Continue reading

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Mapping the immediate past

Cryptoforestry, on feral, in limbo, incognito, precognitive and just all-round unappreciated forests. Guerilla gardens for lumberjacks / The Penguin Blog joins Phaidon’s Agenda as publishers shift to the weblog format as a means of presenting their wares. Books – and … Continue reading

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