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Upstairs, downstairs

Remnants of a Disappearing UI at Design Language News (‘making visual sense of nonsense’): ‘My method involved cleaning the iPad’s surface with a microfiber cloth, using an app for a short amount of time, then turning the screen off. Next, … Continue reading

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Things and monsters

The Tale of the Cables, ‘Reading WikiLeaks as literature’ (“Berdimuhamedov does not like people who are smarter than he is,” this cable writer relates. “Since he’s not a very bright guy, our source offered, he is suspicious of a lot … Continue reading

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Spam shacks, metal maps and the bunker mentality

Spam Architecture, a project by Alex Draglescu: objects ‘generated by a computer program that accepts as input, junk email. Various patterns, keywords and rhythms found in the text are translated into three-dimensional modeling gestures.’ / par temeritas, a tumblr. As … Continue reading

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Critical structures

Woodstock Handmade Houses at SuperForest / MidCentury House blog / 400 year trends from Google books search (‘Cars finally overtake horses, plus a brief surge for planes, in 1940; weak UFO performance thoughout’) / there’s been a recent spike in … Continue reading

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A few things

Optimist Club, a tumblr / test.dept, a tumblr / jenlindblad: blog, a wordy tumblr. ‘But I find it hard to get excited about a world in which buying art online is the norm… While I rarely shop online, I have … Continue reading

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A few quick things only

A few quick things. Headline of the day, ‘Why I can’t stop reading Mormon housewife blogs‘, or how the LDS encourages blogging, thrift and craft to form a perfect trifecta of contemporary concerns / an ode to flight simulator manuals … Continue reading

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A critical cold frame

On Critical Futures. We came away from the Gopher Hole with a few, still rather disorganised thoughts. Although things is very much on the peripherary of the recent debate/controversy surrounding the role of the internet in architectural criticism (kick-started by … Continue reading

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You are walking down a long tunnel

Medium Religion, an exhibition on the relationship between media, scripture, repetition and indoctrination. The show included an image of the Lenin Mausoleum, an object stranded between abstraction and monumentalism and perhaps the first, failed, cryogenic suspension pod. The flawed blend … Continue reading

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What happens next

Not content with iPad content, a good list of do’s and don’ts for the transition from print to pad at Barac Consulting (via MagCulture). ‘The creatives are not grappling enough with the problems of interface and user experience, or about … Continue reading

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Links and Swiss imagery to start the week

They don’t make maps like they used to. BibliOdyssey presents the Theatrum Iconographicum Omnium Urbium, a series of city plans by the Dutch cartographer Frederik de Wit, uploaded to the National Library of The Netherlands / Airstream / Rolls-Royce / … Continue reading

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Floating futures and fake books

The upcoming Modernism Week is a good illustration of the scale of this expanding industry: check the healthy sprinkling of sponsor logos, all san serif fonts and googie-esque flourishes / paintings by Laura McMorrow / very far removed from sun-kissed … Continue reading

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The dead shall walk among us

Cyberspace when you’re dead (via me-fi). From the article: ‘One estimate pegs the number of U.S. Facebook users who die annually at something like 375,000.’ And from death and digital legacy, ‘Facebook says 200,000 of its members die every year.’ … Continue reading

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Objects, patina and private airfields

Airships and the Empire State Building, fact and fiction. Has an airship ever successfully docked with a tall building? ‘Passengers would have to make their way down a stinging gangway, nearly a quarter mile in the air, onto a narrow … Continue reading

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Dying cities, old maps and space age annual reports

Southwark Council has put over 250mb of old maps of South London, dating back to the C16th, on its website for downloading / kottke has a fantastic showreel of the environment building for the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, all piers, … Continue reading

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Enter 2011

Happy new year. As is customary at this time, we’ve not really had the opportunity to compose anything of great substance, so here is a selection of interesting things and links noted and squirrelled away over the past fortnight. First … Continue reading

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