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Seasons greetings

things is on a seasonal hiatus. We will see you in 2011.

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The new romantic landscape

From Building to Architect, a weblog / Fantasy Architecture 1500 – 2036, remnants of an exhibition / A Tour Of The East London Line Extension To Highbury / Ghost Box, ‘a record label for a group of artists who find … Continue reading

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An end of week grab bag

Apologies once again for the rather ragged state of the front page. We decided that a shift from to was called for, and one tutorial later the switch had apparently been made. Of course, the little blanket fort … Continue reading

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Test post

Just checking the shift from to As you can see, we’ve lost a little bit in translation. A few tweaks are obviously needed, so we’ll endeavour to get everything back to how it was as soon as possible. … Continue reading

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Tumbling into tomorrow

Recently, an image or two on the things tumblr set off some kind of internal chain reaction, causing the archive to get thoroughly dug over by a host of sites previously unknown to us, the bulk of which we’ve set … Continue reading

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Imaginary places and empty spaces

Wilkmanshire, a weblog devoted to ‘the mapping of the form of the city as it develops’ / Hairy Sack of Magic, imagery, mostly culled from elaborate magazine shoots, occasionally nsfw / It’s a vision, complete illusion, a cascade of imagery … Continue reading

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Here be dragons

Recycle: Joy Division and New Order – the Factory years, an almost forensic reconstruction of a back catalogue. ‘All tracks were taken from the best/earliest possible sources to avoid modern mastering techniques which crush the dynamics.’ We especially like the … Continue reading

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Train and shipwrecks

A Horse of a Different Color Divides Denver, on one of Denver Airport’s many unusual works of public art / polis, ‘a collaborative blog on urbanism with a global focus’ / Whitechapel Ghost Style posts about the photographic ghosts of … Continue reading

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Odd links, squonks and curation, still

Other things. Boston Public Library’s photostream, home of the great Tupper Scrapbooks Collection / related, The Most Beautiful Public Libraries in the US, via archinect / many of the preoccupations of the global news machine can be boiled down into … Continue reading

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Wishful thinking

The utopian vision above would have been delivered by Ringway 1, the abandoned scheme to bludgeon an elevated motorway across south London / related, some scans from ‘Traffic in Towns‘, showing the different levels of urban redevelopment on offer / … Continue reading

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