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False landscapes and real memories

Dead lakes and seas have become romantic landscapes of the mind. By this we mean that imagery of these blasted environments are regularly served up as both parables and delights, a warning of impending disaster and a guilty thrill for … Continue reading

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Random things

Random paragraph of random things today. Jenny Odell’s project The Satellite Collection (via Space Invading) is amazing. An Overpass in Iowa, Repeated is remarkably delicate, a contemporary tracery / the Troll Hunter, a new movie from Norway / Wallpaper handmade, … Continue reading

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Archaeology of the recent past, revisited

Embedding traces of one technology into another rarely takes obsolescence into account. Back in the early 1980s, a small number of music acts used the then prevalent technology of the time, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, as a conduit for a … Continue reading

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Collections and theme parks

The Wellcome Museum has a new exhibition, ‘Things‘. No relation, of course, although things was peripherally involved in the earlier Wellcome show, ‘The Phantom Museum‘, all about Henry Wellcome’s Collection of Medical Mysteries. The introduction to Hildi Hawkins and Danielle … Continue reading

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Billions and billions

Shrinking the World: How jetliners commercialized air travel—stewardesses and all / see also The Jet Age Compendium, a reprint of [Eduardo] ‘Paolozzi’s works for Ambit… [which] tackle the war in Vietnam, the acceleration of Japanese technology, and the utopias of … Continue reading

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The golden age of in-flight crockery

My Concorde Thing: ‘It’s not an obsession and it’s not quite a hobby. However, for almost two years, between 2004 and 2006, I checked Ebay nearly every day for Concorde in-flight service items.’ See also Speedbirds, imagery, and perhaps also … Continue reading

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Zig-zags and hidden messages

The upcoming Balfron Project (via Blueprint), ‘a large-scale photographic event to be staged at the Grade II listed building Balfron Tower. Shot on film with a large format still camera, the event will result in a mural sized photograph presenting … Continue reading

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Hand standing

The subjects in Lyle Owerko’s Boombox project don’t look like real things – they have the lightly dusted sheen of props or renders. Pocket calculator show has a good Boombox Museum, with some of the more unusual models, including the … Continue reading

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Posters, patination and performance

‘ONE SUNNY SATURDAY IN MAY 2003, the majority of citizens in the Czech Republic village of Ponetovice (population approximately three hundred) went shopping at exactly 7 AM and spent ten crowns each on their groceries. They opened their windows at … Continue reading

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Sound, space, demos

Photographs of University of Glasgow Library under construction, one of the library’s monthly posts from its Special Collections, including such gems as The Curious Case of Mary Toft (1726). ‘Mary Toft’s explanation for her strange births was that, in April … Continue reading

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Collectomania revisited

A Collection a Day, linked via Grain Edit: ‘San Francisco based artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon has always been fascinated with with collecting, arranging, and organizing her collections. On January 1, 2010, Lisa took it upon herself to photograph, draw, … Continue reading

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Drowned cities and star guitars

Signature guitars were once the preserve of conventional rock gods, but the inevitable spread of alt culture into the mainstream has created a market for slightly more eccentric instruments, ironically productionised versions of objects that were once customised by their … Continue reading

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Runways old and new

Human landscapes in SW Florida, especially Dade-Collier Training and Transition Airport, ‘originally planned as the Everglades Jetport, and construction started in 1968 on what was to be the world’s largest airport with six runways to support supersonic transport. Being surrounded … Continue reading

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