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The latest issue of Cabinet is all about islands. There’s not a lot online (you should really buy the issue; like every Cabinet, it is wonderful), but even the little that is offers tantalising glimpses of histories and connections. Islands … Continue reading

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Death rays and mazes

Has an unfortunate confluence of angles colluded to produce a Las Vegas death ray? From the article: ‘The tall, sleek, curving Vdara Hotel at CityCenter on the Strip is a thing of beauty. But the south-facing tower is also a … Continue reading

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Digital stalking

Michael Wolf’s ongoing experimentation with urban drifts conducted through Google StreetView has now made it into book form. A Series of Unfortunate Events, published by Peperoni Books, appears like a series of cinematic stills (‘very bizarre, intimate and terrifying moments, … Continue reading

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Snagged eyes

We never really master the ‘little and often’ school of posting, hence the long, yawning gaps between updates on things. Current news is that the latest issue, now running a not insignificant seven years late, will shortly be at the … Continue reading

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Things for Friday

The Imagination Playground, the David Rockwell-designed playset of ‘loose parts,’ explained at length in Rebecca Mead’s piece on playground design in the New Yorker / vintage children’s illustrations from Kat in the Cupboard (via) / Jiffy / Trice, a tumblr … Continue reading

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Chalet (Gross)

Whitby Morrison are makers of ice cream vans and other specialist vehicles. The ice cream van has lost something of its sci-fi lustre, fast evaporating from Britain’s streets and now a rather prosaic, functional object, not a spin-off from the … Continue reading

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Some links for the weekend

John Pawson Plain Space, the blog of the exhibition / We were meant to write something like this, and are guilty that we didn’t: A history of Architectural Design on its 80th birthday / the YouTube Time Machine / Nokia…. … Continue reading

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Three Books

When we began this post it was called ‘three new books’. Unhappily, ambition trumped reality and available time and it has been pushed down and down and down the queue, quietly transferred into a new blogging system and thence pushed … Continue reading

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Visiting imaginary places

Our apartment, by Topsy Design, another contemporary exponent of ‘living over the shop‘, or rather, ‘living within the shop.’ Whereas traders once used to shoehorn their living quarters above their working quarters, the evaporation of production and the growth in … Continue reading

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