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Digging through the past

An ACME Novelty Toy Gallery, ‘All toys designed by Chris Ware, and assembled by myself‘ / Blissbat, a blog mostly about books / Shakespeare’s Monkey, ‘a two line poem with a random letter generator underneath (random letters that coincide with … Continue reading

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Glitches and banality

Some images of post-war German architectural banality, apparently now a burgeoning issue in a country that has always had a pragmatic attitude towards contemporary architecture. See also Hope and change, perhaps, in Germany, which flags up how the visionary fervour … Continue reading

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The blurry, bleached-out pseudo-Polaroid-esque nature of the lead images on this story about aimless 20-somethings is a visual TLDR for the entire piece (via), an example of the self-conscious aesthetic nostalgia that has created a circular mythos of a ‘golden … Continue reading

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Casual access

You wouldn’t just pick up someone’s telephone and start fiddling with it – just as you wouldn’t pick up a wallet or handbag and start rifling through the compartments or click around somebody’s desktop without their permission. Presumably the same … Continue reading

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Folding cities, spinning things

A few thoughts on Inception, several weeks after the rest of the world. James Benedict Brown’s review in Building Design nailed the aesthetic incongruity of how a group of architects with absolute free will (and no clients, budget issues or … Continue reading

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Things from here and there

Holiday season grab bag / a big tube map round-up post / smallest records ever. The quest for miniaturisation, as seen from a late C20 viewpoint. We’ve probably lamented this before, but we wish we could find the Sunday Times … Continue reading

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A few things

The Shelf Appeal Flickr Stream is worth a visit / re-designing the Orbit / remember when design writing used to be fun? Sex and the City 2 is apparently aware of its double life as an urban design thesis.’ / … Continue reading

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A Lost Miniature World

Miniature villages don’t often get demolished. Britain has some of the best model villages and cities in the world, many of them qualifying as fine pieces of folk art, most notably Bekonscot in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire (Google satellite view – a … Continue reading

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There's a light in the sky

The best magazine articles ever, linked via Me-fi where there is spirited discussion and many additions. See also the comment thread here for more suggestions. One that was missed out, Reyner Banham’s 1955 essay on The New Brutalism from the … Continue reading

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WordPress woes

At some point we need to move this weblog from, which we are finding weirdly odd and impossible to work with, to, which will apparently solve all our problems – i.e. provide CSS that is easy to edit. … Continue reading

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The new urban landscape

Justin McGuirk on the cycle-driven Brandscapes of the new Johnsonian London. There is a valid frustration in the realisation that these days it is practically corporate sponsorship alone that makes things – anything – happen, be it a cycle scheme … Continue reading

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Sounds and shapes

The Record, Contemporary ART and VINYL is a site accompanying a new exhibition at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University. There’s even a B-Side section that collates the various vinyl-infused sites that spring up around the web. Of … Continue reading

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