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The origins of the persuasion industry

/ The last of the Madison Avenue mavericks of Mad Men: ‘Meet Jerry Della Femina, the door-to-door salesman who became become so influential in US advertising he’s Peggy Olson, Don Draper and Bert Cooper rolled into one’. His 1970 book, … Continue reading

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Cupcakes and Creative Automation

Installations, sonic and visual, by Urs Hofer, including the Scenic Panner, a ‘visual instrument’: ‘Scenic Panner is project, in which we are photographically collecting lots of items like buildings, objects, streets, plants, persons. These items are stored in one database. … Continue reading

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Acquine, the ‘Aesthetic Quality Inference Engine’ is an automated site that promises ‘Instant Impersonal Assessment of Photo Aesthetics’. Designed to ‘mainly to assess the aesthetic quality of color natural professional photographs’, Acquine is not designed for assessing ‘photos of industrial … Continue reading

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This is a post about new old things

Low Density Polythene, architectural unrealities by photographer Julian Faulhaber at tmn. One wonders what the architectural response to these spaces would be, whether there is grudging admiration at the banal purity achieved, or horror at the deliberate lifelessness. See also … Continue reading

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Beneath the streets

A swift post to flag up this epic article on underground Paris, The Lizard, the Catacombs, and the Clock: The Story of Paris’s Most Secret Underground Society’, an article by Sean Michaels at Brick Magazine. However, the people responsible for … Continue reading

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Making tracks to the stars

The Wonders of Weston / compare and contrast with the Chinese importation of this kind of evolutionary urbanism: Shanghai imports european cities, finds them lacking, a feature at Assembly Journal. Google maps isn’t terribly helpful in locating this nexus of … Continue reading

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Demand on Print

We keep coming back to The Newspaper Club – it’s jealousy, probably. Browse their recent case studies, a flickr pool and a blog / the 8-bit London city map is worth revisiting. If only someone would allow you to toddle … Continue reading

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Boxes and boxes

Boxes and boxes, a tour around the current architectural zeigeist in the form of 15 submissions to the competition for the new Dance and Music Center in The Hague (images above taken from Bustler). All the ‘stars’ are represented, pretty … Continue reading

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Disoriented and confused

Available ‘soon’, the Canon Wonder Camera Concept / available now, the Make-up Mode Camera / a 6-9 Place Business Aircraft by Carter / the Master Index of Classic Transport Photographs / Google Property has launched, and it’s unsurprisingly easy to … Continue reading

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Random things

Edition One Hundred, an art project. See also Jen Bekman’s 20×200 (currently with a great show called Land Use Survey) / workbench photographs / Nanjing Automobile Experience, a project by 3GATTI. Perhaps China will get the kind of carchitecture architects … Continue reading

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Unbounded optimism

Fold, Pull, Pop & Turn, a site accompanying an exhibition at the Smithsonian Libraries / live train map for Waterloo Station /, for all your fobwatch needs / a gallery of Washington State, ‘Sawdust Mountain‘, photographs by Eirik Johnson … Continue reading

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