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Japan in the Passing Lane

Japan in the Passing Lane is a portrait of labour relations in early 1970s Japan, a period of consistent economic growth. Subtitled ‘An Insider’s Account of Life in a Japanese Auto Factory’, it was written by journalist Satoshi Kamata, an … Continue reading

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Brilliance, banality, and the inevitable ubiquity of 'good taste'

Above, shooting the Stahl House, or Case Study House #22 At best, high Modernism was a stage set, the paper visions of its architects coralled into perfection by the sympathetic eyes of its photographers. The 2006 sales brochure for Case … Continue reading

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Many things

One paragraph of randomness. A blog by artist Tara McPherson / an archive of Grafik magazine covers, which folded yesterday / reminiscences from the pre-child safety days of car travel / The Secret Hotel, a project by Janet Cardiff and … Continue reading

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Cities in (Empty) Space

The Pop-Up City, ‘an online magazine by [placemaking agency] Golfstromen which explores new ideas, trends, strategies and methods for a dynamic and flexible interpretation of contemporary urban life.’ We have never come across a placemaking agency before. We like their … Continue reading

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Before and After, During, Then and Now

People are doing great things with free APIs. These Streetview panoramas by Jamie Thompson are highly reminiscent of Hockney’s polaroid collages / History Rambler, photographs of decaying houses around America / Shopwork, a new project by El Ultimo Grito, mixing … Continue reading

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Collections, big and small

The Sands Mechanical Museum, incorporating the Coin Op Game Museum and the Pocket Watch Museum, a personal ‘virtual museum’. It doesn’t have the scope of Cyberheritage, the quite awesome extensive UK site devoted to collating all forms of historical material. … Continue reading

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Catios and Chevys

A fine example of corporate BrandSpeak gone awry, ‘Saving Chevrolet Means Sending ‘Chevy’ to Dump: ‘…one way to present a consistent brand message, the [G.M.] memo suggested, is to stop saying “Chevy,” though the word is one of the world’s … Continue reading

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Cartographic London

This set of gang maps of London (tied to particular boroughs and postcodes – some historical information here) has encouraged us to put together a few of the better online resources of London maps. By no means comprehensive, but hopefully … Continue reading

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Architectural Renderings

Which is the greater illusion, the photographic rendering, or the hand-drawn watercolour sketch? A new book from Wiley, Architectural Renderings: Construction and Design Manual doesn’t pretend to offer any answers, but does present a fairly well-rounded overview of the current … Continue reading

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The Hidden Posters of Notting Hill Gate

Photographs by Michel Gravel / 19 epic Lego guns that actually work / art by Jeanette Barnes / old pictures from a bottom drawer at NASA / German children’s books / paintings and drawings by Wesley Burt / London at … Continue reading

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