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Japan in the Passing Lane

Japan in the Passing Lane is a portrait of labour relations in early 1970s Japan, a period of consistent economic growth. Subtitled ‘An Insider’s Account of Life in a Japanese Auto Factory’, it was written by journalist Satoshi Kamata, an … Continue reading

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Brilliance, banality, and the inevitable ubiquity of 'good taste'

Above, shooting the Stahl House, or Case Study House #22 At best, high Modernism was a stage set, the paper visions of its architects coralled into perfection by the sympathetic eyes of its photographers. The 2006 sales brochure for Case … Continue reading

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Many things

One paragraph of randomness. A blog by artist Tara McPherson / an archive of Grafik magazine covers, which folded yesterday / reminiscences from the pre-child safety days of car travel / The Secret Hotel, a project by Janet Cardiff and … Continue reading

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Cities in (Empty) Space

The Pop-Up City, ‘an online magazine by [placemaking agency] Golfstromen which explores new ideas, trends, strategies and methods for a dynamic and flexible interpretation of contemporary urban life.’ We have never come across a placemaking agency before. We like their … Continue reading

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Before and After, During, Then and Now

People are doing great things with free APIs. These Streetview panoramas by Jamie Thompson are highly reminiscent of Hockney’s polaroid collages / History Rambler, photographs of decaying houses around America / Shopwork, a new project by El Ultimo Grito, mixing … Continue reading

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Collections, big and small

The Sands Mechanical Museum, incorporating the Coin Op Game Museum and the Pocket Watch Museum, a personal ‘virtual museum’. It doesn’t have the scope of Cyberheritage, the quite awesome extensive UK site devoted to collating all forms of historical material. … Continue reading

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Catios and Chevys

A fine example of corporate BrandSpeak gone awry, ‘Saving Chevrolet Means Sending ‘Chevy’ to Dump: ‘…one way to present a consistent brand message, the [G.M.] memo suggested, is to stop saying “Chevy,” though the word is one of the world’s … Continue reading

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Cartographic London

This set of gang maps of London (tied to particular boroughs and postcodes – some historical information here) has encouraged us to put together a few of the better online resources of London maps. By no means comprehensive, but hopefully … Continue reading

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Architectural Renderings

Which is the greater illusion, the photographic rendering, or the hand-drawn watercolour sketch? A new book from Wiley, Architectural Renderings: Construction and Design Manual doesn’t pretend to offer any answers, but does present a fairly well-rounded overview of the current … Continue reading

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The Hidden Posters of Notting Hill Gate

Photographs by Michel Gravel / 19 epic Lego guns that actually work / art by Jeanette Barnes / old pictures from a bottom drawer at NASA / German children’s books / paintings and drawings by Wesley Burt / London at … Continue reading

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Small things

Amir Zaki’s Relics series, the lifeguard tower as mysterious architectural totem (via Space Invading) / Locals vs Tourists, who takes pictures of what / Have you ever found a secret room in your (or anyone else’s) house?. See also the … Continue reading

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Cities in 3D

Why is there no comprehensive 3D model of London in Google Earth? Back in 2007 there seemed to be some licensing issues and in the interim others have stepped forward with far more detailed models than are currently offered on … Continue reading

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High camp and low culture

// My Ear-Trumpet Has Been Struck By Lightning, a tumblr / the USAFA Cadet Chapel by Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill, a high camp modernist classic, largely unvisited by non-military personnel / related, X-planes, a tumblr / The Norman Foster biography … Continue reading

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Hidden Loci and Technological Change

Why preserve Van Gogh’s palette? On colour theory and intuition in art: ‘Monet aimed to be as familiar with the colours on his palette as a pianist with the keys of piano, so he didn’t have to remove his eyes … Continue reading

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More small things

What’s Your Time Perspective, a way of decoding what particular zone of the present different people operate in. Somewhere buried in all this is nostalgia, the ‘past positive’ way of thinking, a way of thinking that shapes the way we … Continue reading

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Small things

Micro-blogging today and for the next few days / photographer Noshe updates his website / Cgunit, what hip illustrators and photographers are doing right now / see also, a matte painting company / Brasilia in Pictures / love this; … Continue reading

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