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The Architectural Uncanny

A set of photographs of Poundbury by Dennis Gilbert. There’s a studied blankness here, an almost subconscious attempt at sabotaging the contrived neo-classical picturesque that Poundbury supposedly represents. It’s unfortunate perhaps that the modern archetype the town most closely resembles … Continue reading

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The future of reading

Into Orbit, Kosmograd on the ArcelorMittal Orbit: ‘Considered as a modern folly, I think it performs quite admirably’. A fine piece that considers provenance, media reaction, visual culture and architectural criticism: ‘Surrounding the structure is a totally unnatural crowd scene, … Continue reading

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Visual platter

An illustrated foray into archives. Decorated books online / the Eckersley Archive / Books and photographs on Aeronautics / Manners, Custom and Dress During the Middle Ages and During the Renaissance Period, by Paul Lacroix / the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive … Continue reading

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Random linkage

Photography by Monica Ouwens: volume two and volume three / Bustler brings together the 2010 RIBA Award winners / Architecture Draftsman, ‘exploring the expressivness of architectural space,’ work by Stefan Davidovici. See also this post at Y Mag, ‘A Mars … Continue reading

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Modern archaeology

A random assemblage of links, with forgotten modernity lurking just under the surface. View to Corrupt, ‘each time you view this page it writes a portion of your IP address to a random location in the image shown above. With … Continue reading

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The birth of twitch culture

Some musings on Knight Lore, back when computer games were hard. The physical effort and time commitment one had to make to load a game from cassette meant that when you finally got it, you jolly well played it. Short … Continue reading

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Ego surfing and coffee table publishing

So how long before all contemporary coffee table books are iPad-enabled? From an outsider’s perspective, the iPad looks at its best when it’s providing a bit of depth beneath the still image, a way of peeling back layers, zooming in, … Continue reading

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A random grab bag

Matt Reading, a tumblr / photography by Juan Manuel González / Twenty Six Types, found letterforms / design at Ersatz Dreams / 529, a minimal tumblr, which sent us off on a Kurt Schwitters image hunt. There doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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A post that needs a punch card catalogue

Collected Visuals / Today and Tomorrow has a fine portfolio of the BMW M1 by Jan Baedeker / cars and architecture at the Parking Garage Pool / the Christian as Culture Making, the ‘rallying cry for a new generation of … Continue reading

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Aggregated Curating

The 1851 Glove Map of London. An object that captures the imagination and is suddenly everywhere, tumbled, blogged, tweeted, etc, having first (?) emerged on Boing Boing back in 2008 after being picked up from an exhibition at the Field … Continue reading

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Ghost Cities

Magnezium, photographs by Kuba Ryniewicz of Steetley Magnesite in Hartlepool. Described by the photographer as ‘the best post-human zone I visited so far in the UK,’ this well-recognised photographic location is also a favourite of urban explorers (in the top … Continue reading

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