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All play and no work

Childhood games, art directed, by photographer Tim MacPherson. Reminiscent perhaps of the work of Tim Walker, who conjures up elaborate, self-indulgent fantasies for British Vogue (some more images here at Triin). See also Couch Cushion Architecture, A Critical Analysis (via … Continue reading

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Tracing papers

The strangely neglected no man’s land that sits between maps as things to cherish, pore over and squint at, and maps as pure information is yet to be addressed, let alone synthesised and exploited. The internet has some very welcome … Continue reading

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Curation Confusion

The Editor and the Curator (Or the Context Analyst and the Media Synesthete). Tomorrow Museum’s post adds a bit of heft to a subject we’ve blathered on about with increasing frequency these past 18 months or so (and we’re linked … Continue reading

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Anniversaries and agoraphobias

It’s 50 years since the inauguration of Brasilia (although the above image comes from a Niemeyer/Burle Marx project for Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paolo). If you want imagery of Brasilia, Leonardo Finotti’s incomparable Brasilia Project should be enough. “It’s obvious … Continue reading

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How to build a library

At times, walking the narrow bookstacks of a venerable library, inhaling the aroma of millions of pages of accumulated information, seeing the foxed and faded but still intellectually valid, it it hard to imagine how such a gravity of knowledge … Continue reading

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Arkinet on American Ship Breaking, an essay at The Center for Land Use Interpretation entitled ‘It All Comes Apart at the Bottom of America‘. An extract: ‘The third ship breaking site in the USA is at the very bottom of … Continue reading

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Highways, byways, backstreets, canals and beneath the waves

The triumph of ephemera. The Situationist thrill of discovery was forever thwarted by the Modernist desire for order and simplicity; one effectively cancelled out the other in the crisply bland corners of the brave new cities (‘We leave to monsieur … Continue reading

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Random links

MAPfrappe, using Google Maps to compare places (via me-fi). Be good if you could compare routes and roads as well / TinEye is now available in plugin form (for Firefox and Chrome). Handy / neo-constructivism is alive and well in … Continue reading

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Contents of content

La Periferia Domestica, art and design with a domestic slant / How to build the ultimate home studio. Related, how to build up a track using a sequencer / the GAZ Start Ctapt, a Volga M21 based fibreglass people mover. … Continue reading

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Streets ahead

How your Street View panoramas are made at The piece links to a frankly fantastic flickr video, Street View time-lapse (Los Angeles). Imagine if Reyner Banham could have got hold of this sort of imagery. The conclusion is that … Continue reading

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